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Each of these video series was made to help you understand the process of inoculation. You can also view a playlist of all our mushroom cultivation videos at our YouTube channel.


Log-Grown Shiitake

Lions Mane & Oyster Totems

Stropharia on Woodchip Beds


Mini Business Lessons

These are being released Summer 2018, check back for more and join the listserv below to receive updates.


Lesson 1: Goals and The Mini Business Plan


DOWNLOAD: Mini-Business Plan Worksheet

WANT MORE? Visit our Goals, Skills, and Resources Tutorial at the Plan Your Farm Hub.


Lesson 2: Managing Healthy Forests to Acquire Logs

ACTIVITY: Learn how to make a forest stand map in Google Earth

Learn about Google Earth basics here: VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2

WANT MORE? Visit the Cornell ForestConnect Website and YouTube Channel for more great forestry info.


Lesson 3: Optimizing Production & Record Keeping

This presentation highlights the aspects of planning critical to success:

Review best practices for inoculation:

ACTIVITY: Complete a log soaking calendar for your farm to help in decision making.

WANT MORE? Review Best Management Practices for Log-Based Shiitake Cultivation at our downloads page.

Lesson 4: Budgeting & Cash Flow

Budget Template (XLS)

Best Management Practices Manual PDF (where numbers for budget came from!)


Lesson 5: Market Channel Assessment

DOWNLOAD the Market Channel Assessment Guide from CCE Tompkins County



View Past Workshop Materials

We offered several one-day workshops this past winter in eight locations around New York State this winter focused on farm viability. This is achieved with good business planning and attention to strategies which minimize costs and optimize efficiency. You can view the recordings of presentations given by Agroforestry Extension Specialist Steve Gabriel below:



Lesson One: Strategies for Efficient Cultivation


Lesson Two: From Harvest to Market


Lesson Three: When am I a farm?



Developing a Viable Log-Grown Shiitake Farming Enterprise (PDF)

Shiitake Enterprise Budget (XLS)

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