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dscn5223The Cornell Small Farms Program, with support from the USDA Specialty Crop Grant Program and New York Farm Viability Institute, is engaged in a two year project to elevate development of a new niche crop in the New York; log-grown shiitake mushrooms.

Research and development at Cornell over the past decade, along with several partnerships and research projects has enabled greater understanding of the technical and business aspects of a small farm log-grown shiitake enterprise. Woodland log-grown mushrooms are a relatively new, niche crop and are low-input, high output enterprise that can also offset land taxes.




View our Workshop Materials

We offered several one-day workshops this past winter in eight locations around New York State this winter focused on farm viability. This is achieved with good business planning and attention to strategies which minimize costs and optimize efficiency.





Lesson One: Strategies for Efficient Cultivation


Lesson Two: From Harvest to Market


Lesson Three: When am I a farm?



Developing a Viable Log-Grown Shiitake Farming Enterprise (PDF)

Shiitake Enterprise Budget (XLS)


Steve Gabriel
Agroforestry Extension Specialist
Cornell Small Farms Program


Recent Developments…


Directory for Sourcing Logs (HERE!): A factsheet and directory survey has been released to help link loggers, firewood dealers, arborists, and landowners wishing to sell logs for inoculation to those looking to purchase them. This will be posted at

Keep up to date on each of these items as they develop by joining the listserv, below!


Get Involved

We would like to hear from both active and interested New York farmers who want to participate in the project.

Join the for ongoing dialog, announcements, and events in New York pertaining to mushroom growing.

To join, send an email message to 

For the Subject of your message, type the single word:


Leave the body of the message blank. A short time after sending this message, you may receive a confirmation request. Follow the instructions in the request (which involves replying to the message or clicking on a web link). The confirmation process helps ensure that only people who want to join a list receive the list’s messages.


Project Team

Cornell Small Farms Program

Steve Gabriel, Project Leader
Anu Rangarajan, PI

Cornell Cooperative Extension

Marilyn Wyman, CCE Greene
Tracey Testo, CCE Greene

Sarah Carlson, CCE Wyoming
Don Gasiewicz, CCE Wyoming

Brett Chedzoy, CCE Schuyler
Roger Ort, CCE Schuyler

Rick LeVitre, CCE Franklin
Richard Gast, CCE Franklin

Jennifer Stengle, CCE Putnam

Peter Smallidge, NYS Extension Forester


Consultant Growers

KC Mangine, Fruit of the Fungi, Madison Co

Bob Wagner, Northwoods Shiitake, St Lawrence Co

Steve Sierigk, Hawk Meadow Farm, Schuyler Co


Supporting Organizations

Lindsay Wickham, NY Farm Bureau

Christopher Wayne, Grow NYC

Brendan Murphy, NYC Watershed Ag Council

Tom Pavlesich, NYC Watershed Ag Council

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