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The Temperate Forest Mushroom Growers Network of North America (formerly Northeast Forest Mushroom Growers Network) is a collection of growers that share ownership and initiate discussions, events, and activities to advance the practice of forest mushroom cultivation.

The network was formed in 2011 as part of a research grant Cornell University and University of Vermont initiated to study the economics of log-grown shiitake cultivation. An informal listserv has kept communication and resource sharing strong amongst the approximately 200 members since then. Originally focused on the Northeast US, the network has grown to include growers in the southeast and midwest as well.

The network is open to anyone who is currently growing or exploring the possibility of woodland mushroom cultivation. Many members of the group value outdoor cultivation of mushrooms as a sustainable, low-energy practice that enhances forest health through improving stewardship. Further, organic materials such as wood chips, sawdust, invasive brush, and other carbon-rich materials provide ideal substrates for mushrooms which can “up-cycle” these low value materials into high quality food. Emphasis on sustainable sourcing of materials, low-energy use, and small scale production are key values of the members.

The group is currently maintained loosely by the Cornell Small Farms Program and several growers and spawn producers. There is no formal organization, simply a listerv and database of contacts maintained, for the interest of sharing perspectives and experience.

Join our network today by filling out the survey below to share resources, information, and experiences with other growers.

Read a brief “Forest Cultivated Mushrooms: An emerging industry for the Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest US” for a synopsis of the current state of the network (March 2015)


Growers Listserv

The grower listerv is maintained by University of Vermont Extension and is open to any grower who wants to learn and contribute through the sharing of experience with other growers. The list was started in 2011 and is a great place to ask questions and seek advice from more experienced practitioners.

To subscribe to the list serve, send an email with no subject to

In the body of your email, type SUBSCRIBE MUSHROOMS and then your first and last name. For example if your name is Jane Doe, type SUBSCRIBE MUSHROOMS Jane Doe

You will then receive a confirmation request from the list serve, and upon confirmation you will receive instructions about how to send emails to the group, how to access the archives, among other list serve usage guidelines.

If you wish to leave this list, you may do so at any time by sending the command SIGNOFF MUSHROOMS as the only line in the body of a message to the mailing list server at LISTSERV@LIST.UVM.EDU.

Please note: Please don’t send requests for subscription help to the whole list. Instead, if you run into problems, you can contact the owners of this list at OWNER-MUSHROOMS@LIST.UVM.EDU


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