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New videos on totem and stropharia cultivation

The Cornell Small Farms Program, in partnership with the eXtension Forest Farming network, announce a new series of short videos that detail forest cultivation of lions mane, oyster, and wine cap stropharia mushrooms.

The videos detail two methods of cultivation in a series of short clips. The first is known as the “totem” method, where logs are cut in short sections and mushroom mycelium is layered between sections of log:


Totem Inoculation Procedure

Totem Colonization and Fruiting

The second series outlines “bed” inoculation, where mushroom mycelium of the wine cap stropharia are layered along with sawdust, woodchips, or straw. This is one of the easier forms of cultivation that can be integrated with other plantings in the forest or garden:

Strohpharia Intro

Stropharia Inoculation

These videos are a companion to the previously published series where Cornell professor emeritus Ken Mudge details log-grown shiitake production, the most potentially profitable of the three from a commercial standpoint:

Cornell University also offers free printable factsheets on totem and strophaia cultivation, as well as a comprehensive guidebook on shiitake cultivation, all available at

In addition to mushrooms, the eXtension Forest Farming network also has a vast array of videos on the cultivation of other forest products such as maple syrup, ginseng, wasabi, and much more. These videos can be easily viewed through their YouTube website.


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