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Monthly Archives: February 2014

A new series of short how-to videos produced by the eXtension Forest Farming community is now available for viewing online.

The videos feature Dr Kenneth Mudge, who has been engaging in shiitake mushroom research and education for almost ten years. Ken covers a wide range of topics including the four stages of cultivation, mushroom life cycle, inoculation, maintenance, harvest, and optimizing production with strain selection. These video offer an excellent visual companion to the recently released publication Best Management Practices for Log-Based Shiitake Cultivation in the Northeastern United States.

The videos can be viewed below or by visiting:

The series is broken up into short sections and can simply be viewed by pressing “play” and not stopping the video player between sections, OR by selecting from the playlist in the upper left corner of the player.

The eXtension Forest Farming website is an excellent resource for growers and features a number of videos on production of other forest farming crops including ginseng, goldenseal, and ramps (wild leeks).

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