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College, Careers and Long Distance Relationships

Niharika (Nia) Thakwani feat. Tuesday Tibbs

Work life balance is a must; and so they say, but let me warn you, work often takes precedence if you are a particularly ambitious student.

In the MMH 15 class alone there were over 10 of us, trying to balance long distance relationships. Some succumbed to the mounting pressure of distance, some successfully survived it and some liked it so much, that they even put a ring on it!


Tuesday (MMH 15’) & her ‘Feyonce’ Terry!

So here are a few relationship tips to avoid those 3 hour arguments over digital communication, while you are bravely attempting a long distance relationship.

  • First, thank technology; if not for phones, laptops, and other various apps you would be sending letters to your partner the old-fashioned way, which would make this hardship much more difficult.
  • Find a soul mate replacement. Temporarily of course. My roommate has been conferred the title of my ‘Knight in Shining Armor’, in the absence of my better half. I call her my School-Husband and I have it to tell you, she does an amazing job at letting me vent or even pampering me, when I need it most.
  • Visit your partner at least two times a month and if that’s not feasible, just live by the quote “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” I am joking. Thankfully, we also have, at our disposal, virtual visits thanks to Skype and GChat.
  • For the few times you do meet in person, add some spice! Don’t let your mind wander, I was only talking about maybe changing up your look for each visit. Since you’ll be seeing each other few and far between, you have in-between time to surprise your partner with a new hair-cut, hair color, outfit or weight change! It’s a suggestion, don’t obsess over it with bouts of bulimia.
  • Call, communicate, call, communicate, call, communicate but don’t overdo it, please. Yes, communication is the key to a successful relationship but I suggest you do not get anal about daily chats from 9 pm – midnight. Call when you want to share the best and worst moments of your day; call when you want to be heard; call for suggestions and advice; call to say ‘I love you’ (cheesy, yet necessary) but do not call because it’s pre-decided. It only makes love a chore.
  • Plan trips together. Match your calendars to find common breaks and travel. Do not let anyone interfere with your holiday schedules. The pre-planned academic calendars are very valuable to hospitality students, who professionally almost never get leave during the festive season because that’s when the hospitality industry is at its busiest best. One of the few perks of being a student; we actually can celebrate Christmas and New Years with the entire family, halfway across the globe, if necessary. These breaks also allow us the much needed time to see our long-distance significant other.
  • Every time you question your decision to move away to study, just tell yourself “no great love came without great struggle” and this struggle can only make your love grow stronger!
  • Lastly, do not forget to thank your partner for allowing you to make your aspirations a priority. There is nothing like knowing that someone is in it with you.


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