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Meet MMH 15′: Gang (Owen) Lu


Gang (Owen) Lu , MMH’15

Hubei, China
(My hometown Huangshi is located in Hubei Province at the center of China)

Why Cornell and why the Hotel School?

I was well aware that the School of Hospitality at Cornell, offers the best hospitality education in the world. Having experienced all sorts of jobs in this industry, I really wished to come here and witness global hospitality development trends, first hand and carve out my career path in this very field.

What concentration did pick and why?

Upon serious consideration, I chose real estate finance and investment (REFI) as my concentration, not only because it could lead to a lucrative job, but also because I thoroughly enjoyed my past professional stint as a hotel development manager. Post this wonderful, albeit short term, experience in the hotel development space, I was keen on switching over from hotel operations to hospitality real estate.

What is your best advice for a prospective MMH candidate?

I suggest you develop good time management skills,  if you want to balance your academic and social life, especially if your concentration is REFI.

What are your career plans after MMH?

I am still looking for an ideal job (as per my standards of course) in the Real Estate field, in Shanghai, HK, Singapore or even Dubai!

What is your most memorable MMH moment?

I have had countless unforgettable memories in this past year, but I would rather look forward to creating many more. I believe, my most memorable MMH moment will be our MMH ‘15 class celebrating our graduation ceremony with great personal achievements on the 24th of May 2015!

Your favorite restaurant in Ithaca?

I would recommend Haihong in college town. I have to add that the Kung Pow Chicken served there, is my absolute favorite.

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