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Meet MMH ’15: Jehangir Aibara


Jehangir Aibara, MMH’ 15

Mumbai, India

Why Cornell? Why The Hotel School?

I worked at a hospitality consulting firm for 5 years back in India and I wanted to broaden my knowledge base in this field. Cornell is the best hotel school with a great alumni network hence I wanted to come to Cornell University.

Why did you pick your concentration?

I picked the real estate concentration because my past professional hospitality experience revolved around hospitality real estate. I intend to go back to India and continue working in the Hospitality real estate sector and this concentration has provided me with the necessary tools to further develop my skillset.

What’s your best advice for a prospective MMH candidate?

Make the most of Cornell network whether it is the Cornell alumni, the faculty or even your own fellow classmates.

What are your career plans after MMH?

Continue real estate focused work and eventually end up in real estate development in the long run.

What is your most memorable MMH moment?

Having ten of my classmates visiting my wife and I in India and being a part of our wedding celebrations in January 2014.

Favorite restaurant in Ithaca:

Saigon Kitchen and Five Guys. The Indian restaurants here in Ithaca, are not worth a mention in all honesty.

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