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Meet MMH Alumni: Jimmy Dong ’14


Jimmy Dong, MMH’ 14

Arcadia, California USA

I am excited to have interviewed Jimmy Dong for our first Meet MMH Alumni.  While I was researching on the MMH program, I found out that Jimmy and I are from the same hometown in California.  I reached out to him and Jimmy was so supportive and helpful in answering my questions about the program, Cornell, and Ithaca in general.  After graduation, Jimmy’s career path took him to Chicago, IL where he manages the revenue for East Coast domestic travel, covering Dulles and Newark hubs and 18 spokes along the Eastern seaboard.  He conducts research and analysis seeking to improve the efficiency of current business processes and to maximize departmental revenue.

Why Cornell? Why Hotel School?

The masters at the Hotel School offered the best transition from the operations to the business side of the hospitality industry.

What was your concentration and why? 

My concentration was Real Estate Finance. I picked it because of interest, rigorous course load and potential income after graduation.

What’s your best advice for current MMH students?

In terms of job search and career path, take your time looking for something that fits you. MMH is a niche program, there are unique fits out there for which we are uniquely suited, make sure you get something you love.

What’s your best advice for prospective MMH candidate?

Do your research, make sure it is the right program for you; look into the professors and their bodies of work, your relationships with them will be just as valuable as the course material you learn from them.

What is your most memorable MMH moment?

I celebrated a birthday during MMH, it was early in the program, we were all stuck in Ithaca and it was a ton more fun than I expected.

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