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What is HGSO?

“Our MMH experience would be totally different without HGSO. HGSO stands for “Hotel Graduate Students Organization” and it’s the student government of the MMH program. This volunteer organization serves as the umbrella organization for different subcommittees driving the philanthropic activities, social events, alumni affairs, social media activity, Hotel Ezra Cornell (HEC), and professional development events for the class. Our class enthusiastically supports the initiatives of the various HGSO committees. For example, our class raised $5,000 for EGBOK (see earlier post) through the philanthropic committee, holds numerous alumni calls through the alumni affairs committee, provides interviewing, career workshops and a ‘women in leadership’ roundtable through the professional development committee and HEC committee is expecting 100% class participation for annual Hotel Ezra Cornell event in March. Our social committee is extremely active and has arranged many amazing events including a fabulous Halloween party, YumYum cooking series, and creating MMH sweatshirts. HGSO holds bi-weekly meetings in which all committee chairs come together to communicate and provide progress reports. This year’s HGSO government is currently comprised of Joel Lim, HGSO president, Richard Jing, HGSO Vice President, Louis Boutemy, Treasurer and Sara Molinaro, Secretary.”
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