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Sample Schedule: Revenue Management

Concentration: Operation and Revenue Management Concentration
Concentration Advisor: Professor Chris.K.Anderson
Description: Operation and revenue management concentration has a broad career track and offers a large degree of flexibility in course selection. The concentration has been designed with two specializations: Operations (hotel, foodservice, casinos, and spa) and Revenue Management and Pricing.

Why did I choose this concentration?
I choose this concentration because Cornell is well known for its advanced revenue management education and this is an industry that is underserved in Asia. After graduate, I consider a career path in a hospitality group with business expansion plan to South East Asia. Courses in this concentration provides me with strategic thinking of pricing and analytical mindset with data driven decision. My elective courses are mixed with restaurant management and hotel operation with more emphasize in food and beverage because I want to leverage my foodservice working experience to the post-graduate career path. However, consider my career most likely to be working at a corporate position that will require various hospitality knowledge ranging from restaurant to hotel, obtain in depth understanding of both industry is critical to me.

The classes I am taking is:

Core Classes:
HADM 6100 – MMH Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series
HADM 7110 – Organizational Behavior
HADM 7510 – Properties Development & Planning
HADM 7610 – Management Communication

Elective Classes:
HADM 6060 – Restaurant Revenue Management – Discussing tools to measure and maximizing restaurant profitability including RevPASH, table and seat occupancy, pricing and menu engineering etc. Course also involves a round table forum with industry leaders.
HADM 6770/4770 – Advanced Business Modeling – Learn to develop business model by using advanced excel tools.
HADM 4460 – Hospitality Pricing and Analysis – Focus on pricing strategy for various hotel distribution channels.
HADM 6310 – Case Study in Restaurant Management – Case study of multi-unit restaurant chain and discuss with industry leaders.

Other Classes that taken by most of the operation and revenue concentrated students:
HADM 6050 –Yield Management – Mostly focus on hotel revenue management principles and methods.

Class Schedule

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