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Pineapples: Christopher Columbus was a Hotelie too!

Happy Columbus Day!* As a SHA Hotelie I’ll take the opportunity to underline Cornell’s connection to Christopher Columbus; he’s part of the Hotelie network too! Columbus’ connection to Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration has to do with our school’s flag (see below)- the Hotel School’s flag features a pineapple. Long regarded as a sign of hospitality, the pineapple first came to represent hospitality when friendly natives presented these fruits to Christopher Columbus upon his arrival in the Americas (or so the legend goes). Since that time the pineapple has come to represent hospitality, generosity and warmth- a symbol that epitomizes Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration.

School flags in Willard Straight Hall
School flags in Willard Straight Hall
School crest of Cornell's School of Hotel Administration
School crest of Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration
Cornell University's crest
Cornell University’s crest

*In the US, Columbus Day is an annual holiday during which Americans celebrate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in America. Christopher Columbus was a Genoese explorer who “discovered” many parts of the world on behalf of the Spanish Monarchy. Christopher Columbus landed in North America on October 12, 1492. Most American states recognize Columbus Day as a holiday so many Americans enjoy a long weekend to commemorate the event. Here at Cornell we have Columbus Day off since it occurs during our Fall Break.

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