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The Secret to Scheduling: My Thoughts on Taking Courses

One of my key takeaways from Cornell is doing what works best for me instead of trying to get involved with everything. Trust me, you will never be worried about losing something, Cornell provides us with unbelievable information and rich resources than we could actually use. For example, we started to plan for next semester. This time, I was not struggling with choosing from more than 160 courses offered. I felt like I was doing what I wanted to do. I can now both focus on my concentration and expand my horizons as much as possible. There is no right or wrong here, but I’d like to share with you guys my thoughts on this:

1. Interest: I am an avid foodie,so I choose Restaurant Revenue Management. This is a tough course, however, in seven weeks we could get the whole picture of restaurant revenue management through a structured course plan revolving around the five pillars of restaurant operation: people, price, place, promotion, and product.
2. Career requirements: I want to prepare myself for a career rooted in marketing, so I chose an Independent Study course in addition to the required course Service Marketing, which I really look forward to experiencing.
3. Brand courses: Our school is famous for its Introduction to Wine, which is very hard for students in other colleges to enroll in, but for Hotel school students, we have easier access to this course, therefore, I utilize this opportunity and pick this wine course.
4. Professor: After taking a course with a professor and enjoying his/her teaching styles, I may opt to take additional courses with the same professor for similar learning experiences. I also listen to the recommendations of my peers and consider some classes that old students have taken in the past that have proven to be worthwhile.
5. Exam or project: I prefer courses with a project to an exam. I panic during exams.
6. Schedule: I like courses in the morning, and I also prefer finishing my courses in the first four days of my week, so I could have time to do my own work during the weekend.
7. Others: Students can also consider sports and language courses, which are awesome schedule fillers, which range from Tree Climbing to Equitation.


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