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Libya’s Uprising / Revolution ثورة ليبيا

Revolution In Libya Libya: 17 February, 2011- “شبر شبر بيت بيت دار دار زنقا زنقا فرد فرد” [Early in the uprising, Gaddafi threatened those who opposed him to pursue and fight them ‘inch by inch, house by house, alley by alley [zanga zanga] …  A tautology that’s worked at his own expense in the end.] […]

“Operation Odyssey Dawn.” What’s in a Name?

Why are Military Actions in Libya Called “Operation Odyssey Dawn”? “Operation Odyssey Dawn” began Saturday (March 19th) in Libya, when French warplanes opened fire on four pro-Gaddafi tanks headed to Benghazi. An international coalition agreed to initiate airstrikes following the UN Security Council resolution on Libya (see last post). which authorized “all necessary measures” short […]

UN security council resolution 1973 (2011) on Libya – full text

The UN Security Council has passed a resolution authorising “all necessary measures” to protect civilians in Libya from pro-Gaddafi forces.  Read the full text of the resolution passed at UN headquarters in favor of a no-fly zone and air strikes against Muammar Gaddafi. Department of Public Information • News and Media Division • New York […]

The Arab democratic wave: how the EU can seize the moment

Report – n°9, March 2011 [PDF] The European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) Following the extraordinary events that have been unfolding across the Arab world, the EUISS has opened an online debate to discuss the implications of the Arab democratic wave for EU foreign policy. The EUISS has invited academics, policymakers, think tankers and […]

North Africa & the Middle East 2011

Revolutions in North Africa & the Middle East, 2011 Description: This collection, selected by the Library of Congress, documents the events in Northern Africa and the Middle East in 2011 after the Tunisian uprising. Content includes blogs, social media and news sites about Egypt, Yemen, Sudan and other African countries. These sites contain content in […]

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