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Libya’s Uprising / Revolution ثورة ليبيا

Revolution In Libya Libya: 17 February, 2011- “شبر شبر بيت بيت دار دار زنقا زنقا فرد فرد” [Early in the uprising, Gaddafi threatened those who opposed him to pursue and fight them ‘inch by inch, house by house, alley by alley [zanga zanga] …  A tautology that’s worked at his own expense in the end.] […]

Tunisian Revolution 6 Months Later

Firsthand Account on Some Recent  Developments ____ The Tunisian Revolution* is for real! There is a profound change in the country at all levels: Social, regional, institutional, sectarian, etc.  For the first time in anyone’s memory, people can talk, argue, and disagree vehemently. You really can write anything you want. You can also say anything […]

“Three Cups of Tea” Spilled?! Swallowed?!

“Three cups of tea :  one man’s mission to fight terrorism and build nations– one school at a time” by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. Greg Mortenson was accused of fabricating important parts of Three Cups of Tea, his bestselling 2006 memoir about building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The book describes Greg Mortenson’s […]

Yemen 2011 Stability Survey

Yemen Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) In April 2011, FPRI posted the most extensive survey done to date of Yemen’s population. Conducted by Glevum Associates, a firm run by FPRI Senior Fellow Andrew Garfield, the survey indicated a disquieting level of support for Al Qaeda among Yemen’s populous as well as a profound resistance to […]

“Operation Odyssey Dawn.” What’s in a Name?

Why are Military Actions in Libya Called “Operation Odyssey Dawn”? “Operation Odyssey Dawn” began Saturday (March 19th) in Libya, when French warplanes opened fire on four pro-Gaddafi tanks headed to Benghazi. An international coalition agreed to initiate airstrikes following the UN Security Council resolution on Libya (see last post). which authorized “all necessary measures” short […]

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