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Tunisian Elections, 2011


TUNIS (AFP) – Tunisians queued in their hundreds to vote in their first free elections on Sunday, basking in their status as democratic trail-blazers nine months after their revolution sparked the Arab Spring. “The turnout of Tunisians exceeded all expectations,” elections chief Kamel Jendoubi told journalists five hours into voting, adding the final rate “may exceed 60 percent”… The European Union hailed Tunisia’s elections and vowed support for the new authorities, while British Prime Minister David Cameron said: “As the first country in the region to put democracy to the test at the polling booth, Tunisia is once again leading the way.”…

Tunisian Elections – Live Updates – Tunisia Live



Tunisia’s Elections for A Constitutional Assembly

The campaign for the first elections born of the revolts that swept the Middle East began in Tunisia on Saturday, 1 October. It features 81 political parties (out of more than 115 recognized parties) which will be competing in the election to make up 785 electoral lists; another 676 lists are composed of independent candidates. They’re competing for 217 seats. It is expected that those elected will then have a year to write a constitution to dictate how Tunisians will govern themselves before elections for a parliament will be held.

Voters Online Guides  (about Candidates and Parties)


TuniVoteAims to Help Voters Understand Parties, Tunisia’s best fixers” A new interactive platform for voters to better know the political parties running for the elections. The web site is designed to address the questions of whom to vote for, why, and how to tell the difference between Tunisia’s numerous political parties.

Elections 2011

nshuf | عينك على بلادك, launched on Sunday (October 2nd), enables Tunisians to present their complaints of malpractice during the electoral campaign and vote counting. The Citizenship Alliance for Elections Monitoring, which comprises associations “My Voice”, “Political Awareness” and Internet Society Tunisie (ISOC), developed the initiative.

ikhtiyo_enIkhtiarTounes New Tool for Undecided Voters





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