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The collection covers virtually all subjects relevant to the study of the Middle East and Islam. Particular emphasis is placed on descriptive works, historical travels, history, philosophy and literature of Arabic speaking countries, including those in North Africa, religion (studies of the Koran and Hadith and associated religious texts and commentaries), Islamic law (unrelated to specific countries), Arabic literature, and political science

Materials about the Middle East and Islam are acquired by Cornell University Library on the basis of their relevance to the courses taught in the University and to support various instructional and research programs. These programs vary from beginning undergraduate courses to post-doctoral research. The programs served by this collection include, but are not limited to, those in Government, History, Linguistics, Sociology, Anthropology, Economics, and Near Eastern Studies (NES).

For the purposes of Cornell Library’s Middle East and Islamic Studies, the geographic areas covered include: Mauritania, Morocco and the Western Sahara, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, the Sudan, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel (Arabic materials only), Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan.

Ali Houissa
Middle East & Islamic Studies Librarian 
110 Olin Library 
Cornell University
ITHACA, NY, 14853
Voice: (607) 255-5752




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