Research & Publications


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(Editor-invited and peer-reviewed research vignette highlighting the policy implications of my research on joiners for STEM doctorate careers in entrepreneurship. Part of issue’s cover feature on university entrepreneurship.)

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(Supplementary Materials, including regression analyses)

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Ex Ante Career Preferences and Sorting into Startup Employment”, with H. Sauermann (target journal Management Science)

“Re-Examining Patents as Measures of Firm Invention” (in preparation for submission to Research Policy)

“Firm Orientation and the Use of External Knowledge” (in preparation for submission to the Strategic Management Journal)

“Taste for Science, Taste for Commercialization, and Hybrid Scientists”, with H. Sauermann (target journal Management Science)



“The Early Careers of STEM Doctorates” with Henry Sauermann

“Preferences, Ability, and Career Choice” with Henry Sauermann

“The Founding Team of University Spinouts” with Diane Burton

“Immigration Policies and the STEM Doctorate Workforce” with John Skrentny

“Experiments in Entrepreneurial Identity and Creativity” with Jack Goncalo

“The Evolving University Research Enterprise” with Janet Bercovitz and Maryann Feldman


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