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Research & Publications

Roach, M. and Sauermann, H. 2014 “Founder or Joiner? The Role of Preferences and Context in Shaping Different Entrepreneurial Interests” (forthcoming Management Science)

Sauermann, H. and Roach, M. 2014 “Not All Scientists Pay to be Scientists: PhDs’ Preferences for Publishing in Industrial Employment” Research Policy, 43(1), 32-47.

Roach, M. & Cohen, W. 2013 “Lens or Prism? An Assessment of Patent Citations as a Measure of Knowledge Flows from Public Research,”  Management Science, 59(2), 504-525.

Sauermann, H. & Roach, M. 2013 “Increasing Web Survey Response Rates in Innovation Research: An Experimental Study of Static and Dynamic Contact Design Features,” Research Policy, 42 (1), 273-286.

Sauermann, H. & Roach, M. 2012 “Science PhD Career Preferences: Levels, Changes, and Advisor Encouragement,” PLoS ONE 7(5).

Roach, M. & Sauermann, H. 2010 “A Taste for Science? PhD Scientist’s Academic Orientation and Self-Selection into Research Careers in Industry,” Research Policy, 39 (3), 422-434.



“When Do Firms Use Academic Research? Firm Orientation in the Sourcing of External Knowledge for Innovation” (revise & resubmit at Strategic Management Journal)

“When (and What) Do Firms Patent? Evidence on Patentability and the Decision to Patent at the Firm Level”

“Taste for Science, Taste for Commercialization, and Hybrid Scientists” with Henry Sauermann



“The Emerging University Research Enterprise” with Janet Bercovitz, Maryann Feldman and Alexandra Graddy-Reed

“Socialization into the Norms of Science” with Henry Sauermann

“Lured by Money or Disillusioned with the Ivory Tower? Scientists’ Preferences for Research Careers in Industry versus Academia.” with Henry Sauermann

“Publish or Perish? Scientific Publications and Firm Appropriability Strategies”

“Firm Appropriability and Spillovers from University Research”

“Is Public Research a Complement or Substitute to Firm Basic Research?”


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