About Us

John Carberry, senior director

nullJohn Carberry oversees Media Relations Office operations, media outreach strategy development, and news related to Cornell University and its senior administration. A former construction worker, campaign manager and chief of staff in the New York State Assembly, Carberry spent almost 17 years in the media as a reporter, editor, columnist and radio talk show host. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University at Buffalo.

Office: 607-255-5353
Mobile: 607-882-1777
Email: johncarberry@cornell.edu

Lindsey Hadlock, media relations coordinator

lhcropped100-125Lindsey Hadlock is a media relations coordinator, focusing on local and regional media, student media and performance metrics. She graduated from Ithaca College with a bachelor’s degree in communication management and design, and did non-profit work within the Ithaca community for several years before joining Media Relations.

Office: 607-255-6121
Mobile: 607-269-6911
Email: lmh267@cornell.edu

Daryl Lovell, media relations specialist
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Daryl Lovell is a media relations specialist who specializes in science and technology, Cornell’s connections to New York City, and leads the office’s social media outreach efforts. She previously worked as a broadcast journalist in Elmira, Syracuse and Toledo, Ohio, and interned at the ABC station in Detroit and one of the Argentina’s largest public media outlets, Canal 7, in Buenos Aires. She has held active roles in the National Association of Black Journalists, and has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri.

Office: 607-254-4799
Mobile: 607-592-3925
Email: dal296@cornell.edu

Bert Odom-Reed, multimedia producer and broadcast studio producer
BJOR-mug-croppedBert Odom-Reed’s expertise and contributions to Cornell are in multimedia production and live TV/radio broadcast studio production. During more than 25 years of service in the media arts at Cornell, Bert has led and been part of several diverse teams to tell the Cornell story for six university presidents, faculty researchers, and staff and student leaders. His field production experience includes natural science, health and ecotourism projects in the United States and abroad in Canada, China, England and the Dominican Republic, and he has engineered international broadcasts in numerous countries. He holds a radio/TV degree from Onondaga Community College and has completed coursework in computer science and physics at Grambling State University.

Office: 607-255-1561
Cell: 607-882-3311
Email: bjr3@cornell.edu

Glen Palmer, director of Cornell Broadcast Studios
Glen entered the broadcast industry in 1978 at Rombex Productions in New York City, working with a large and diverse customer base including all major television networks and motion picture studios. In 1987, Glen joined the former Educational Television Center at Cornell as a producer, and helped ETV venture into satellite transmission technology to allow news agencies access to faculty experts through “live” interviews. A graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder and a veteran of five distinct evolutions of Cornell’s video studios, Glen continues to serve news partners and Cornell’s strategic needs by connecting faculty with news media outlets around the globe.

Office: 607-255-8162
Mobile: 607-229-6192
Email: grp2@cornell.edu

Joseph Schwartz, senior media relations specialist
JS mug croppedJoseph Schwartz is our lead on op-eds, and specializes in research and experts related to law and public policy, and business and economics. Previously, Joe was a senior editor at American Demographics magazine, opinion editor at The Ithaca Journal, managing editor at Training & Conditioning magazine, a daily newspaper reporter, and an editor for online mapping and geospatial technology magazines. He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Oregon.

Office: 607-254-6235
Cell: 607-882-3774
Email: joe.schwartz@cornell.edu

Rebecca Valli, media relations specialist
Rebecca Valli closeupRebecca Valli is a media relations specialist at Cornell University. She specializes in Cornell’s international research and outreach, as well as the humanities, and working with our college and school partners to find experts for breaking news. A native of Italy, Rebecca spent most of her 20s in China working as a journalist and learning Mandarin, and reported for the Voice of America from Beijing and Hong Kong. She is a graduate of the University of Milan and earned a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Hong Kong.

Office: 202-434-8049
Cell: 607-793-1025
Email: rv234@cornell.edu