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That’s probably the best word to describe how any Cornell sports fan is feeling right now.

After a quick stop at a Rhode Island train station to pick up Tina, a fellow Daily Sun photographer, I returned to Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts again today. The men’s lacrosse national title was on the line. Syracuse University was heavily favored heading into the contest, but Cornell came out with an early lead and preserved it (or at least a tie) for basically the whole game.

The 40,000+ people in attendance were witnesses to the kind of sporting event that will be shown on ESPN Classic for years and years to come. With Cornell up by three goals in the fourth quarter, I started to think, “oh wow, so this might just actually happen; Cornell could be national champions in just a few short minutes”.

Syracuse had other plans. One goal. Two goals. The third goal to tie the game came four seconds away from the end of regulation play. FOUR SECONDS. Backed by a vocal, orange-clad fan section, Syracuse scored first in sudden-death overtime, ending Cornell’s hopes for its first national championship title in men’s lacrosse since 1977.

Having watched from home in 2007 as, in the final seconds, Cornell lost at the hands of Duke in the NCAA men’s lacrosse semifinals, I couldn’t believe that this was happening again. I clearly remember standing up in my living room and screaming at my TV until I had practically lost my voice; I had never been an ardent lacrosse fan before. Cornellians across the globe had similar experiences today. The outcome appeared surprisingly good, only for Cornell’s chances of victory to be stripped by the now 10/11-time (depending on who’s counting) national title winners. Pillows were thrown at TVs, couch cushions were punched, and heads were hung low. The adrenaline didn’t subside for hours.

Me at Gillette StadiumWhat was different this year? I witnessed it with my own eyes (see a slideshow of the day’s action here). Armed with cameras and surrounded by the familiar crew of professional photographers from Saturday’s game, I had a front row seat (is it still considered a seat if I was kneeling on the FieldTurf?) to what many Cornellians are calling the most devastating loss they’ve witnessed in the world of sports. Great. Now it’s etched into my brain, for better or for worse.

Lamenting aside, it’s important to recognize the incredible amount of talent and effort displayed by Cornell’s men’s lacrosse team this weekend and all season long. They came into the NCAA tournament as an underdog and performed beyond nearly everyone’s expectations as they took on the toughest competitors in the country.

Good season, guys. We’ll be back at Schoellkopf next spring to cheer you on to victory once again.

The Mixed Blessing of Summer.

The Daily Sun officially stopped publication for the academic year on Friday, May 1st.

HA, I say to that.

Since we’re more of a news organization than solely 24 pages of gray-ish paper five days a week while classes are in session, I’ve been caught in a logistical whirlwind at my desk in…Rhode Island.

GChat / GMail, AIM, and my cell phone have been put to constant use as those of us accustomed to convening frequently at 139 West State Street are unable to meet face-to-face. Such is the reality of summer break and a national lacrosse championship on the line. Editors are spread out across the country; one’s in California, another’s preparing for a summer in Mauritania. Meanwhile, we’re attempting to orchestrate the best coverage possible for Cornell’s epic battle against Syracuse tomorrow. Following yesterday’s 15-6 blowout of the top-seeded University of Virginia (as many Cornell fans shouted: “OVER-RATED!”), I headed back to my desk and spent the better part of today preparing slideshows of both yesterday’s upset of the Cavaliers and the lacrosse team’s season-long journey to the championship game.

Yesterday at Gillette Stadium, as I stood alongside photographers from the Associated Press, Getty Images, and major media organizations, I felt a bit insignificant. Here I was, possibly showing up in the background on ESPN2 replays, with a lens that has been more than adequate for everything I’ve ever needed to photograph, but that looked microscopic compared to the behemoths being handled by these more professional members of the photojournalism community. That said, I had the best seat in the house and was able to witness some Cornell sports history being made. I’ll be back tomorrow with another Daily Sun photographer as we document Cornell’s final game of the season. Only time will tell which central New York school will claim the national title.

As you watch the game on ESPN (hint, hint), check out the Daily Sun‘s website for live-blogging and other updates throughout the game. After all, there is a greater purpose to this work that goes beyond just personal gratification.

Joining the masses in Foxboro, Mass.

Cornell Men's Lacrosse

While the spring semester might have come to a close last Friday with the final day of exams, the sun-drenched horizon is still big and red. The men’s lacrosse team defeated Princeton last weekend in the quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament, which means the Big Red will be taking the field against the University of Virginia on Saturday at Gillette Stadium (home of the New England Patriots) in Foxboro, Massachusetts. A freelance photography opportunity at home kept me from making it to last weekend’s game, but come Saturday, I’ll be on the sidelines in Foxboro, shooting away for the Daily Sun. With an anticipated weekend attendance of 100,000+ fans, the NCAA men’s lacrosse semifinals (and hopefully finals!) might just be the biggest Cornell sporting event I get to experience during my undergraduate career.

As the Big Red takes the field against the Cavaliers in Foxboro, the class of 2009 will be kicking off graduation weekend with a convocation speech by David Plouffe, Barack Obama’s chief campaign manager for the 2008 presidential election. Supported by what will hopefully be a roaring crowd decked in red, Cornell could advance to the finals, which will be held on Monday in the same location. Keep an eye on this blog and the Daily Sun’s website for updates throughout the weekend. If you can’t make it to Foxboro for all of the action, you can catch the semifinal games on ESPN2 and Monday’s final game on ESPN.

So This Is How It Feels?

Friday, Slope Day, marked the last day of publication for The Cornell Daily Sun this academic year. Without a paper to put out for Monday, I was able to take a break this weekend and frequent a Cornell sporting event not as a press-pass-bearing photojournalist, but rather as a proud Cornellian in school colors.

The Daily Sun takes press neutrality very seriously, and at sporting events, this means reporters from the sports department and photographers cannot outwardly express any positive or negative sentiments towards any team. This policy entails leaving the “Lynah Faithful” shirt at home when shooting hockey and refraining from yelling at the referee (even if he/she can’t hear us) when a bad call is made. We’re there solely to document what happens, no matter how intense the competition might get.

As a result, my countless Cornell t-shirts, hoodies, and other pieces of apparel haven’t been put to good use at a sporting event in quite a while. Saturday’s men’s lacrosse game gave me the opportunity to change that. I joined Alex, Jen, and a bunch of other people (many of whom I had never met before) at the game against Hobart under perfectly sunny skies at Schoellkopf Field. While the wheels fell off of Cornell’s proverbial bus in the second half of the game, the Big Red still ended up winning by one goal. My school spirit was finally reinvigorated a bit yesterday after having spent countless games (and the occasional championship) quietly on the sidelines peering through my camera’s viewfinder. I had the chance to remind the opponent of the thought that’s been running through my head all semester long — that Cornell was, indeed, going to beat the hell out of them.