Epilogue: Moving Beyond the Hill.


Last month, Reunion gave me a final taste of the campus I had called home for the past four years. That said, I didn’t have time to take much in besides at the Class of 2005’s headquarters in Clara Dickson Hall, between lugging bags of ice and registering alumni. It was an exhausting yet exciting end to my Cornell career. In true Cornell style, I made new friends throughout the weekend (despite the fact that graduation had come and gone), especially with my four co-clerks. I departed Ithaca on a cool, drizzly, and foggy Sunday afternoon that perfectly define Ithaca’s weather in my mind (well, besides Ithacation, of course). For the first time in a long time, I was leaving without knowing when I would return.

I returned home to Connecticut, where, two days later, I started training at the job that I had accepted four days after graduating from Cornell. I’m working in alumni relations at the school I attended from fifth through twelfth grades, Greens Farms Academy. The opportunity presented itself towards the end of April and by the beginning of June, I had the position. While it might not be the first career you’d think of when you see that I was an International Agriculture & Rural Development major, it actually fits my interests and passions well. My work with prospective students and alumni, combined with my experience with various forms of student media during my Cornell years prepared me well for the job. I’ll be able to build up a strong skill set in non-profit communications, which is where I see myself working for the foreseeable future. I’ll also get to advise the school on its new World Perspectives program; from what I hear of the program so far, my academic background could be put to good use.

As I settle in to the next chapter of my life, I reluctantly bring to a close the chronicle of my last three years at Cornell. Thank you for reading, for commenting, for getting in touch, and for asking questions. Even though I’m signing off, I’ll still be reachable. As Cornell alumni, we have our email addresses for life, so just head to the ‘Contact’ tab above and shoot me a line.

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