Viking Donuts and Other Gastronomic Adventures Downtown.

How could a restaurant called “Waffle Frolic” be bad? Fellow Daily Sun photographer Simon and I asked ourselves just that as we learned about downtown Ithaca’s newest eating establishment last Monday. We were wrapping up our last night of desking at the Sun and hadn’t eaten dinner yet. A couple of blocks away on the Ithaca Commons was Waffle Frolic, a restaurant centered around…well…waffles. The enticing panini menu caught our attention before we could even start considering a waffle. Despite the fact that they only serve paninis until 2pm (as advertised on a tiny sign that we didn’t see), the enthusiastic girls behind the counter were willing to make us two tuna melts. The concept of a viking donut (or, as they’re called in Danish, Æbleskiver) was too intriguing to pass up. So we got a small bowl of four of these donut hole-sized pastries filled with Nutella and three filled with lemon curd.

In short, both the tuna melt and the viking donuts were two of the greatest gastronomical experiences I’ve had over the past four years in Ithaca. The one part that makes me sad? I’m only in Ithaca until the end of the month, when something by the name of graduation occurs. (scary.)

3 thoughts on “Viking Donuts and Other Gastronomic Adventures Downtown.”

  1. I popped in on Saturday with a friend who I’d dragged there with promises of fried chicken and waffles, one of their specialties I’d heard about.

    Unfortunately, they really seem to be great at saying “You can only have __ at certain times,” and the chicken is only on Fridays. What fun is that!?

    We did have some awesomely tasty waffles, mine a buckwheat with strawberries and maple syrup. Interesting to hear your take on the tuna melt, since another friend told me last night that the grilled cheese with asparagus seemed like something he could’ve made at home for a quarter the price.

    This is definitely a place I want to get back to, not least to try the chicken & waffles (apparently that’s a thing down south) and those Viking donuts. But I hope they can relax the rules about when you’re allowed to eat what. The whole point of a waffle-themed place would seem to be to thumb your nose at such rules. 🙂

  2. You make a good point: You go there to get a waffle. Instead you find thousands of boards and little signs everywhere from which you have to piece together what’s available and when.

    I went there a while ago hoping to get a great waffle. I didn’t get one in the end because I couldn’t figure out what I can order. Are there really only three different waffles on the menu? Of course the guy behind the counter didn’t offer any help.

    Anyway, my friend ordered something. We were waiting for five minutes. Then the very guy who we just ordered from asks if we are waiting for an order. In case you are wondering: No, he didn’t serve anyone else in between. He simply took our order, then stared at us for five minutes, and then asked if we are waiting for an order.

    My verdict: They don’t want to sell me a waffle.

  3. When I went back with a friend on Friday to try the fried chicken and waffles, they forgot her whole order. Must be the same guy you saw, JN. 🙂 He brought mine out and told her hers would be right up, and after a couple of minutes I went inside. The girl on the waffle iron didn’t even know she was supposed to make it.

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