Ph.D. (1998 – 2001)

Magna cum Laude

Dept. of Biotechnol. & Biophysics

Julius Maximilians University, Würzburg, Germany

Thesis: Developed paper test strips and micro-sensors for the detection of pathogenic mRNA (Cryptosporidium parvum) using dye-filled liposomes

Advisor: Prof. Richard Durst


M.S. (Diploma, one-year research and thesis) (1997 – 1998)

Magna cum Laude

Dept. of Biotechnol. & Biophysics

Julius Maximilians University, Würzburg, Germany

Thesis: Water relaxation in rotating electric fields shows that alginate hydrogel retains water through non covalent molecular interactions

Advisor: Prof. Ulrich Zimmerman


Coursework for M.S. Degree  (1995 – 1997)

Major: Biotechnology, Minors: Biochemistry, Cell and Developmental Biology

Julius Maximilians University, Würzburg, Germany


Vordiplom (1993 – 1995)


Julius Maximilians University, Würzburg, Germany



Senior Research Associate  (2012-present)

Biomedical Engineering, Cornell University

Advisor: Michael L. Shuler

Design, fabricate and use multi-organ body-on-a-chip devices for testing of nanoparticles.


Postdoctoral training (2009 – 2012)

Biomedical Engineering, Cornell University

Designed multi-organ body-on-a-chip device (with GI tract and liver tissues) and used this device to simulate the oral uptake of nanoparticles and their subsequent effects on the liver. Validated design approach and in vitro results with in vivo study.

Advisor: Prof. Michael L. Shuler


Postdoctoral training  (2007 – 2009)

Cornell University, Veterinary School

Created ultra-small in vitro endothelium in microfluidic channels (50 x 50 μm cross section) for the purpose of integrating them with multi-organ body-on-a-chip devices.

Co-Advisors: Prof. Tracy Stokol & Prof. Michael Shuler


Nanotechnology Life Sciences Liaison  (2001-2007)

Cornell Nanoscale Science & Technology Facility

Hosted Life Scientists at the Cornell Nanoscale Science & Technology Facility and developed courses in Nanofabrication.


Visiting PhD Student  (2000 – 2001)

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Advisor: Laurie Locascio

Reduced to practice first mRNA detection system based on liposome-labeled probes in a microfluidic channels, a method that improved sensor sensitivity by one order of magnitude compared to previous techniques because of increased oligonucleotide-tagged surface to analyte fluid volume.


Visiting PhD Student (1998 – 2000)

Dept. of Food Science

Cornell University

Reduced to practice first oligonucleotide-based nitrocellulose test strip for the detection of pathogenic mRNA via liposome-labeled probes. Utilized NASBA amplification of mRNA from pathogens with long dormancy capability to determine viability (Cryptosporidium parvum). Advisor: Prof. Richard Durst


Nanobiotechnology (BME6670) (2005-present)

Lectured two lectures per semester on nanofabrication techniques for life science and biomedical applications

Technology and Characterization at the Nanoscale (CNF-TCN)   (2005-present)

Developed and co-taught course covering photolithography, e-beam lithography, thin films, etching, SEM, and AFM annually

Fabrication of MEMS cantilevers and oscillators (CNF workshop) (2004-2012)

Developed and taught this workshop annually to visiting graduate students from Clarkson University

Mentored Master of Engineering students  (2011-present)

(Changhao Yu, David Post, Jennifer Yang, Dhruv Desai, Daniel Dotse, Allen Kim, Yu Ling Huang, Noelle Aly, Nashaat Rasheed)

Mentored undergraduate students  (2005-2014)

(Sahil Kapur, Kwame Amponsah, Gizaida Irrizary, Ryan Bender)

Mentored visiting scientists (2008, 2013, 2014)

(Wei Li, Christopher Long, Balaji Venkatesh)



DAAD fellowship award ($25K) – Society for German Academic Exchange (1999-2000)

DAAD internship award ($3K) – Society for German Academic Exchange (1998)

Magna cum laude (Ph.D.) – Julius Maximilians University, Germany (2001)

Magna cum laude (M.S.) – Julius Maximilians University, Germany (1998)



Counselor, Cornell Empathy Assistance and Referral Program (EARS) (2010 – 2013)

Ethics in Nanoscale Science workshop (Cornell Nanoscale Science and Technology Facility) (2011)

Workshop on Societal and Environmental Impact of Nanotechnology, Atlanta,Georgia Institute of Technology (2003)


Biomedical Engineering Society

New York Biotechnology Association

American Chemical Society

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

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