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NEW: Dewitt Middle School T.A. Program

Do you like teaching? If you do, join the DeWitt Middle School TA program, and earn credit! In the Cornell-DeWitt TA program, undergraduate students help teach technology education to 8th graders at the DeWitt Middle School in Ithaca and earn up to five flexible credits per semester.

Typically, Cornell students earn 1 credit of MAE 4980, Teaching Experience in Mechanical Engineering, for every three hours of teaching per week at DeWitt. MAE 4980 can be used (with advisor’s approval) as an advisor-approved elective in MAE. With a MAE faculty sponsor, it is also often possible to arrange credit for MAE 4291 (Supervised Senior Design

Experience) for projects at DeWitt. Cornell students can design new projects for the kids and prepare the corresponding lectures.

For further information or expressions of interest, contact Professor Michel Louge by e-mail at MYL3@cornell.edu.

Interested in TA’ing for the Spring Term for Credit?

 Send the following information  to Emily Tompkins eft24@cornell.edu

If you would like to TA for Spring for credit (MAE 4980 can be used as an advisor approved elective–with your advisor’s approval).  No pre-enrollment, by permission only.   1) Create a list of courses you would like to TA for in the Spring – note your priorities.  You are more likely to obtain a TA position with the more courses you list–try to list more than one course. 2) State if you have prior TA experience.  

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