Taking MAE 3240 and MAE 3250 Concurrently in Summer at Cornell

You may take MAE 3230 and 3240 concurrently in the Summer, offered Co-op first session, May 22-July 7.  You do not need to participate in the Co-op Program to take MAE  3230, 3240, 3250 and 3260.  MAE 3250 and 3260 will be offered Co-op second session, July 2-August 15).

Engrd 2210, MAE 2030 and 2120 will be offered during the six-week Summer Session.

Schedules and additional details for Summer: http://www.sce.cornell.edu/ss/



MechE Summer 2014 Class Offerings – Revised

For Summer Session 2014 Details:


The following MAE courses will be offered Summer 2014:

MAE 2120; Engrd 2210; MAE 2030 (formerly TAM 2030),  6-week  Summer Session, June 23-August 5

MAE 3230; MAE 3240 (may be taken concurrently), May 22-July2

MAE 3250; MAE 3260, July 7-Aug 15

You do not need to be participating in the Co-op Program to take courses offered for Co-op students. 

These courses will be offered at the same time in Summer 2014 as they were in Summer 2013.


  Come to a special MechE Information Session for MechE Affiliated and Wannabe’s:

Monday, October 28, from 4:30-5:30pm in Phillips 101   

This Info Session will focus on how to design your curriculum.  The following faculty and staff will be presenting: 

  • Professor Wolfgang Sachse:  Opening Remarks
  • Professor Hod Lipson http://lipson.mae.cornell.edu/ will talk about the value of research and how to prepare for graduate school.  He will be teaching MAE 2250 in the Spring.
  • Matt Ulinski, Director of MAE M.Eng., and Judy Thoroughman, administrator of the M.Eng. program, will provide information on MAE Early M.Eng. and M.Eng.    
  • Mark Savage, Director of Engineering Career Services, will talk about Co-op, resumes, Career Fair, and internships.
  • Nanette Peterson, MechE Undergraduate Coordinator, will show students various flow charts illustrating different paths to graduation, including Cornell Abroad, Co-op, Early M.Eng. etc.    

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