MechE Senior Announcements

For students graduating in May with a B.S., M.E. Degree:

For final audits, your graduation checklist is retained in your file which you completed last semester. No additional paperwork is needed.

  1. If your last name ends with A-F, and you have not yet met with Nanette for your final graduation audit, please come to 103 Rhodes Hall by Wednesday any time from 9:30-noon.

2.  If your last name ends G-K, please come to 103 Rhodes Hall on Wednesday-Friday of this week.

If you would like to speak at the MAE Graduation Ceremony on May 29 in the MAE Graduation Tent on the Engineering Quad , we have extended the deadline for submission of either a first draft of your presentation, or a detailed outline.  Deadline: March 21.

Did you order your cap and gown yet?

Did you receive approval from your advisor concerning your advisor approved electives?  Deadline is April 15.

MechE Senior Class Photo Thursday – Meet on Duffield Steps by 4:10 – Facing Carpenter Hall


If you anticipate graduating in 2016 (Jan/May/August), with a B.S., M.E. degree or as an Independent Major with MechE as your primary or secondary Major, please join your classmates for the traditional senior class photo.  Your photo will replace the current Class of 2015 posted on this blog  What not to wear: pajamas.  What to wear: business casual.  Meet on Duffield Steps by 4:10.  We will postpone this event to the following Thursday in the event of inclement weather.  A cancellation notice will be posted.

Audits for reviewing graduation requirements will continue throughout this semester.  You will be receiving updated scheduling openings, via e-mail,  for meetings by the end of each week.

MechE Senior Announcements

MechE Final Senior Audits will begin next week.  Seniors will be receiving a sign-up meeting schedule which will be sent out for the remainder of the Spring semester.

-No need to complete another graduation checklist–they are on file.  Meeting should take less than 10 minutes.  Just filling in the Fall 2013 grades and courses for Spring 2014.

-Advisor Approved Electives should be approved by May 1.  Students can either seek approval via e-mail or complete this form  advisor_approved_electives

-You will be asked to record how you want your name said at MAE Ceremony in Bailey Hall – first and last name, or first, middle and last.

-Bailey Hall schedule details:

-Each graduating student will be issued four tickets for guests for the Bailey Hall event in early May.  Students should establish a page to register if fewer or more than the four tickets are needed.  Students are responsible for exchanging tickets.

-If seniors intend to make a 3-4 minute video to be shown at the Commencement Ceremony in Bailey Hall, MAE has a camera available.   Video needs to be completed at least two weeks prior to Commencement, May 25.  Please let Nanette know which students are leading this effort.  Students may also create a longer video for class distribution.

-If you would like to present a brief speech at Bailey Hall (less than 5 minutes), or would like to nominate a senior classmate, please complete this form and submit it to Nanette by March 21 –   Senior Representative 2014 Nomination Form

-Independent Majors with MechE as a primary or secondary Major, are invited to attend Bailey Hall.  Also, students intending to graduate in August 2014 and January 2015 will also be invited.






First Semester and Second Semester MechE Graduation Audits & 2015 Anticipated Graduation Early MAE M.Eng.

MechE’s:   Are you planning to:

1. Graduate after you complete the Fall 2014 semester (January 2015 degree)?

2. Graduate with your B.S. in 2015 and plan to pursue an M.Eng. in MAE:  Interested in starting Early M.Eng.–concurrently completing ug degree and begin M.Eng. degree in your final ug semester?

3. Graduate after you complete the Spring 2014 semester?

4. Graduate after completing Summer 2014?

Nanette will be contacting you to schedule appointments in the order of 1-4 (see above).  Final Audits for May 14 and August 14 students will begin mid-semester.  Advisor Approved Electives are due May 1, 2014 for graduating seniors.

Please come to your first graduation audit with a checklist completed (as best you can).  For example of completed checklist from B.S., M.E. 2011: Example of Graduation Checklist for Senior Audit

AP liberal studies typically count as 1000-level.

Transfer courses are not included in your Cornell cumulative g.p.a.  Only courses taken at Cornell are included in your Cornell cum gpa.  Your Major gpa is calculated by using the courses listed on the right side of the graduation checklist.