MechE Senior Announcements

For students graduating in May with a B.S., M.E. Degree:

For final audits, your graduation checklist is retained in your file which you completed last semester. No additional paperwork is needed.

  1. If your last name ends with A-F, and you have not yet met with Nanette for your final graduation audit, please come to 103 Rhodes Hall by Wednesday any time from 9:30-noon.

2.  If your last name ends G-K, please come to 103 Rhodes Hall on Wednesday-Friday of this week.

If you would like to speak at the MAE Graduation Ceremony on May 29 in the MAE Graduation Tent on the Engineering Quad , we have extended the deadline for submission of either a first draft of your presentation, or a detailed outline.  Deadline: March 21.

Did you order your cap and gown yet?

Did you receive approval from your advisor concerning your advisor approved electives?  Deadline is April 15.

Wanted: Ushers and Recruiting Video for MAE Graduation Ceremony

Interested in serving as an usher for the May 24, 2015 MAE graduation ceremony in Bailey Hall?  Pay is $11.00 hour with catered lunch and MechE shirt.  If interested, contact

Would you like to make a video to recruit ushers for the MAE Graduation Ceremony?  Entries will be posted in Sundial and distributed on other sites.  Please note the usher’s pay will be $11.00 an hour and the date needed is May 24, 2015.  Just send your video to

Check-out this video made to recruit ushers for last year’s Bailey Hall ceremony: