Innovative Product Design, MAE 4340, 4341, 5340 Application Instructions

To enroll in Innovative Product Design via Digital Manufacturing, MAE 4340, 4341 (M.E. Sr. Design), or MAE 5340:

This course necessitates an application and selection process; the online application form will be available from Friday, August 4th, to Friday, August 18th, 2017, at Students will be notified of enrollment decisions prior to the start of Fall 2017 classes.

MAE 4340/4341/5340 – Innovative Product Design Enrollment for Fall 2016

Seniors:  If you are enrolled and do not meet these following requirements, please drop this course.

Due to limited enrollment, MAE 4340 and MAE 4341 (senior design), are limited to MAE Seniors.  MAE 5340 is limited to seniors and M.Eng. who are officially registered for the Early M.Eng. or M.Eng. Programs.  Exception: Students who currently have prior permission (as of yesterday) from Professor Shepherd to take this class.