Graduation Tickets – If You Don’t Pick Them Up This Week…

Your guests will not be able to get the tickets for the 2017 MAE Graduation Ceremony unless you pick them up this week or arrange to get them mailed.  Tickets will not be available on May 28, Commencement Day.  Please go to 106A Rhodes Hall this week.  If you are away from Campus until Graduation Weekend, please ask Emily to mail the tickets to you or your guests,  The tickets must be given to your guests in advance.

Students Attending May 24 Graduation Ceremony in Bailey Hall

If you are attending the MAE Graduation Ceremony, as a B.S. degree recipient or early walking candidate, please make sure you retrieve your tickets from Emily in 104 Upson today.  If you have not yet  made arrangements with Emily for the tickets to be mailed, or you are temporarily away from Campus, please e-mail Emily at

All guests who arrive at Bailey Hall who do not have tickets, may either join those in the non-ticket holders’ line for possible access to seats not already filled by ticket holders, or guests may go directly to 122 Rockefeller Hall to view the live-streaming video.


Audits, Tickets for MAE Ceremony on May 25

Nanette is currently seeing students for final audits whose names end A-G.

Monday, April 21, she will begin seeing students for final audits whose names end H-L.

Seniors will be unable to pick-up tickets to Bailey Hall until they have seen Nanette for their final audit.

Those graduating in August should also check-in with Nanette about meeting graduation requirements by August.

Those students graduating at the end of the Fall term, should see Nanette for a first audit.

For those intending to graduate August 2014 and January 2015 who will be attending the MAE graduation ceremony in Bailey Hall should have seen Nanette for a first audit and will be able to pick-up tickets.