Students Attending May 24 Graduation Ceremony in Bailey Hall

If you are attending the MAE Graduation Ceremony, as a B.S. degree recipient or early walking candidate, please make sure you retrieve your tickets from Emily in 104 Upson today.  If you have not yet  made arrangements with Emily for the tickets to be mailed, or you are temporarily away from Campus, please e-mail Emily at

All guests who arrive at Bailey Hall who do not have tickets, may either join those in the non-ticket holders’ line for possible access to seats not already filled by ticket holders, or guests may go directly to 122 Rockefeller Hall to view the live-streaming video.


Graduation Information for MechE Seniors

If you are graduating May 2015 and have not yet met with Nanette for your final audit:

Final Audits Schedule (no need to bring any paperwork–we have your checklist on file).

Please stop by Nanette’s office  between 9:00am -11:00 am or  2:00-4:30 pm on any of  the following dates:

If your last name begins with…

L through P – go to 104 Upson on any day  between April 10 and April 15

Q through T – go to 104 Upson on any day between April 16 and April 22

U through Z – go to 104 Upson on any day between April 23 and April 29

Have you ordered your cap and gown yet?  Deadline (no fee) April 15: (cut and paste):

Advisor Approved Electives approval is due by April 15.  You can e-mail your advisor and request your advisor copy with their approval.  Or, complete this form and submit to 104 Upson: advisor_approved_electives

Consult the University Commencement site and the MAE Graduation site for schedules for graduation weekend.  You will be receiving a survey in mid-April asking how many tickets you need to the MAE  Bailey Hall ceremony (4 max).

Make sure your guests have room and restaurant reservations in advance.

Senior Video Organization Meeting on Saturday, April 11.  Contact Rehan and rpk74 for details.

Submit senior photos for slide show to be shown at Bailey Hall to Sonia: