MAE 4272 Information For Fall 2014

On August 22, students will no longer be able to add/drop electronically in MAE 4272.

A “trading spaces” sheet for MAE 4272 will be posted on the bulletin board between 110 and 112 Upson.  You will be asked to note the lab you are enrolled in and the lab you need to fit your schedule.  After you contact the person you wish to switch labs with and agree to the trade, you will need to both come together to 104 Upson to see Nanette to complete the paperwork.  Please come to 104 Upson if you have any questions or concerns.

MAE 4340 and 4341 Lab and Enrollment Information

Professor Shepherd has contacted all students accepted into Innovative Product Design via Digital Manufacturing, MAE 4340/4341.  4341 is the senior design version.  Emily Tompkins will be e-mailing the accepted students with a pin number to enroll electronically after classes begin.

We have added a lab, meeting on Mondays from 7:30pm – 9:25 pm.  Both the lecture and lab will be meeting in Rhodes Hall 253.



MAE 4700/5700 will be offered Spring 2015 and other announcements

MAE 4700/5700, Finite Element Analysis will NOT be offered Fall 2014.

Please be advised the roster is almost 100% completed for Fall.  There are some additional changes, e.g., added labs for MAE 4140 and 4141 have been added and will be reflected in tomorrow’s roster.

Use the roster for the most updated information:

You can not double-count ONE Major Approved Elective and the same Senior Design course to fulfill two requirements. You need two Major Approved Electives and one Senior Design course.

MAE 42727 fulfills the technical writing requirement.



Important MAE Course Info For Fall 2014

Please be advised the Fall 2014 online roster and student center MAE classes and course schedules are not yet updated and currently reflect Fall 2013 courses and schedules.  Updating will begin on Monday and will be completed by the end of March, if not sooner.

Here are some changes you will see:

MAE 3060, Spacecraft Engineering, will now be offered each Fall, taught by Professor Mason Peck.  We will also be retaining MAE 3050 in the Fall term, taught by Professor Pepiot.

MAE 4700/5700, Finite Element Analysis for Mech and Aero Design (also senior design, MAE 4701), will be offered in the Fall, taught by Professor Zabaras.

MAE 4150, GPS: Theory and Design, will not be offered next academic year.

MAE 4340, and senior design, MAE 4341, Innovative Product Design via Digital Mfg, taught by Professor Shepherd, will be limited enrollment.  Application process will be announced Summer 2014.

MAE 5200, Dimensional Tolerancing in Mechanical Design, taught by Professor Voelcker, will be offered either Fall 2014 or Spring 2015, to be determined Summer 2014.




Spring 2014 Schedule Review

Strongly recommended:  Check your Spring schedule for courses and credits.  If what you believe you registered for is not appearing on Student Center or if the credits are incorrect, you risk not getting credit for what you are taking.  Students on project teams or who are performing independent research should pay extra attention.  If you think you dropped a course and it still noted on Student Center, then you can still electronically drop this course.

  • For project teams and ind. research, one of these courses should be appearing: MAE 1900, MAE 4900, and for FSAE–MAE 4250.
  • For senior design, one of these courses should be appearing: MAE 4291 (project teams or independent research), or for classes:  MAE 4xx1.  All senior design courses begins with a four and ends with a one.


Pre-Enrollment and Other Important Dates – Advantages of Using the Cornell Roster


Cornell Roster: Course and room information can be obtained on the web at

Use the Cornell Roster when Fall 2014 courses (and subsequent semesters) are posted online.  Schedulizer and other programs are not accurate, but may be used as a guide.  The Roster lists the most up-to-date information and lists comments, and may also include pdf flyers for new course descriptions not yet posted in the Courses of Study

FRIDAY 2/14/14
Last Day to register without incurring late registration fees

SATURDAY 2/15/14

February Break Begins


Instruction Resumes at 7:30am

FRIDAY 3/14/14 by 4:00pm

LAST DAY TO DROP a course without a “W” appearing on transcript and without a petition (end of 7th week)
ABSOLUTE LAST DAY TO CHANGE GRADE OPTIONS (from S/U to Letter, or from Letter to S/U)

MONDAY 3/17/14

First day a “W” will appear on transcripts for courses dropped by petition

SATURDAY 3/29/14

Spring Break Begins

MONDAY 4/7/14

Instruction Resumes at 7:30am

WEDNESDAY 4/9/14 – WEDNESDAY 4/23/14

Pre-Enrollment for FALL 2014 begins/ends for each class:
All periods begin at 7:00am and end at 4:00pm
Graduate/Professional  4/9/14 – 4/11/14
Senior Students (as of FA14)  4/14/14 – 4/16/14
Junior Students (as of FA14)  4/16/14 – 4/18/14
Sophomore/Freshman Students (as of FA14)  4/21/14 – 4/23/14

FRIDAY 4/25/14

ABSOLUTE LAST DAY TO DROP A COURSE (petition required).  A “W” will appear on the transcript for these courses (end of 12th week)



THURSDAY 5/8/14 – SUNDAY 5/11/14

Study Period

MONDAY 5/12/14

First Day of Scheduled Final Exams – Good Luck!

TUESDAY 5/20/14

Last Day of Scheduled Final Exams

SUNDAY 5/25/14


Lab Swap Procedure for MAE 3260, 3272, 2250, and 2030

Need to change your lab but the lab you want is full?

1. Go to first floor of Upson Hall and you will see lab swap sheets posted on the bulletin board between 112 and 110 Upson.

2. Note your name, e-mail, current lab and the lab you want.

3. Check back frequently to see if there is anyone you can trade labs with.

4. Contact the person you want to trade labs with and then arrange to arrive, at the same time, to 104 Upson Hall to complete an add/drop form.

5. Submit the form to 158 Olin Hall

MechE Summer 2014 Class Offerings – Revised

For Summer Session 2014 Details:

The following MAE courses will be offered Summer 2014:

MAE 2120; Engrd 2210; MAE 2030 (formerly TAM 2030),  6-week  Summer Session, June 23-August 5

MAE 3230; MAE 3240 (may be taken concurrently), May 22-July2

MAE 3250; MAE 3260, July 7-Aug 15

You do not need to be participating in the Co-op Program to take courses offered for Co-op students. 

These courses will be offered at the same time in Summer 2014 as they were in Summer 2013.

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