Helpful Links

A list of useful links for the savvy MechE

Major GPA Calculator: Download Excel file here

Scheduling Tools:

ALWAYS ALWAYS refer to the  official Cornell course catalog and roster:

Curriculum-Related Links:

Research Opportunities – Independent Research for Undergraduates.  Note: this posting is representative of research for credit.  Contact professors for additional research opportunities in your area of interest.  MAE 4900 research and MAE 4291 Senior Design.

Engineering Project Team Blog:

Forms – including Flowcharts, Graduation Checklists:

Commencement 2019:

For students anticipating completing their B.S., M.E. Degree as Class of 2019:

For all B.S., M.E. 2019 Degree Candidates: PLEASE NOTE: 4 GUEST TICKETS PER GRADUATING STUDENT FOR MAY 25, 2019:


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