Apply for the Insight Fellows Program

Insight Fellows Program

Apply to the Insight Fellows Program by October 21:

The Insight Fellows Programs are tuition-free fellowships for graduating students looking to transition to thriving careers as data scientists, engineers, and other cutting-edge professionals.

Insight Fellows:
– Pay no tuition; the program is fully funded by top companies
– Receive guidance throughout the entire process to meet, interview, and join top companies
– Launch a cutting-edge career where the average starting salary is $127K
– Join Insight from a wide range of backgrounds & education levels
– Join a community of 3,000 alumni that support each other throughout their careers

Insight alumni are now working at Facebook, LinkedIn, The New York Times, Apple, Airbnb, Netflix, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Github, Slack, 23andMe, Twitter, Bloomberg, NBC, Pinterest, Microsoft, Wayfair and 700+ other top companies.

We’re now accepting applications from graduating students (must have completed all coursework by January 13th in order to participate full time) for our winter sessions.

– Artificial Intelligence
– Data Engineering
– DevOps Engineering
– Decentralized Consensus
– Security
– Data Science*
– Health Data Science*

*Please note that our programs are open to all degree levels, except our Data Science and Health programs, which have a PhD requirement

-San Francisco
-New York
-Los Angeles
-Remote Program

Upcoming Deadline & Start Date:
– Application deadline: October 21
– Session begins: January 13

Want to learn more about Insight? Sign up for our upcoming online info session:
Bridging the Gap to a Career in Data
DATE: Tuesday, October 15, 2019
TIME: 5:00pm PT / 8:00pm ET
Please sign up for the info session here.

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Attention Seniors

Details for University Commencement:

Access link for Commencement schedule and:

-Cap and Gown deadline April 15.  Ordering after this date, a fee will be charged.

-Graduating in August 2017 or January 2018 and plan to walk with the Class of 2017 in May, register with the University for Walking Early.

-If you plan to walk in May, please see Emily in 106 Rhodes Hall for your name pronunciation.



Enrolled in Senior Design S16? Please Carefully Read Instructions.

If You Are Enrolled in Senior Design–All MAE Courses 4XX1 for Spring 2016

Senior Design Content Summery Form To Be Submitted prior to your departure from campus.

If you are taking a course with a senior design component, consult your instructor for the deadline for submitting your report.  If you are enrolled in MAE 4291, independent research or project team with a senior design report due, the deadline will be May 20 or will be determined by your research/project team advisor.

Senior Design Content Summary Form:  Every student who is fulfilling their senior design requirement is also required to submit a Design Report Content Summary Form. The Content Summary Form lists 9 questions, which you must answer (briefly) and attach to the form. Submit this form with your answers attached, along with your design report, to your project advisor. Your project advisor will review your answers and sign the Content Summary Form with their approval. Submit your answers to the 9 questions along with the signed Content Summary form to Emily in 104 Upson Hall. The content summary form cannot be signed by a PhD student or a staff member. It must be signed the faculty member who is overseeing your senior design project.


Instructions for Submission of Design Report:

  • Senior Design Report: Submit to your senior design instructor. The MAE office does not need a copy of your report.
  • Senior Design Content Summary Form: Compose responses to the nine questions on the content summary form and attach them to the form. Submit the content summary form with the responses, to your design instructor for his/her review and signature. After the instructor’s signature has been obtained, submit the form, with your responses to the questions, to Emily Ivory in 104 Upson Hall.

*Submission of your Senior Design Report Content Summary Form is required for graduation and should be completed before you leave campus for break.

*If your instructor is not on campus, you may send your form and the answers to your questions via email and request email approval. Please ensure that Emily (eft24) is cc’d.

Questions:  ask Emily (

Illustration of steps:

MAE 4340/4341/5340 – Innovative Product Design Enrollment for Fall 2016

Seniors:  If you are enrolled and do not meet these following requirements, please drop this course.

Due to limited enrollment, MAE 4340 and MAE 4341 (senior design), are limited to MAE Seniors.  MAE 5340 is limited to seniors and M.Eng. who are officially registered for the Early M.Eng. or M.Eng. Programs.  Exception: Students who currently have prior permission (as of yesterday) from Professor Shepherd to take this class.


MechE Senior Announcements

For students graduating in May with a B.S., M.E. Degree:

For final audits, your graduation checklist is retained in your file which you completed last semester. No additional paperwork is needed.

  1. If your last name ends with A-F, and you have not yet met with Nanette for your final graduation audit, please come to 103 Rhodes Hall by Wednesday any time from 9:30-noon.

2.  If your last name ends G-K, please come to 103 Rhodes Hall on Wednesday-Friday of this week.

If you would like to speak at the MAE Graduation Ceremony on May 29 in the MAE Graduation Tent on the Engineering Quad , we have extended the deadline for submission of either a first draft of your presentation, or a detailed outline.  Deadline: March 21.

Did you order your cap and gown yet?

Did you receive approval from your advisor concerning your advisor approved electives?  Deadline is April 15.

MechE Senior Class Photo Thursday – Meet on Duffield Steps by 4:10 – Facing Carpenter Hall


If you anticipate graduating in 2016 (Jan/May/August), with a B.S., M.E. degree or as an Independent Major with MechE as your primary or secondary Major, please join your classmates for the traditional senior class photo.  Your photo will replace the current Class of 2015 posted on this blog  What not to wear: pajamas.  What to wear: business casual.  Meet on Duffield Steps by 4:10.  We will postpone this event to the following Thursday in the event of inclement weather.  A cancellation notice will be posted.

Audits for reviewing graduation requirements will continue throughout this semester.  You will be receiving updated scheduling openings, via e-mail,  for meetings by the end of each week.

MechE Class of 2016 Graduation-Related Information & Senior Class Photo 9/10/15

1. If you plan to graduate after the Fall term, your degree date will be January 2016.

2. All B.S., ME seniors intending to graduate in 2016 will be e-mailed a sign-up schedule for a graduation audit to make sure each senior is meeting their graduation requirements.  Students who are graduating after Fall 2015 and those who would like to verify they are on track for MAE Early M.Eng. for Spring will get initial priority.  All B.S., M.E. 2016 degree candidates are required to meet for this review process in the Fall term.

3.  All B.S., M.E. candidates graduating in 2016, including Independent Majors, who are in M.E. as a primary or secondary major, are invited to the annual (since 2001) senior class photo, on Thursday, September 10, at 4:05 on the outside steps of Duffield facing Carpenter Hall.  Dress attire: business casual.  Professor Callister will be dismissing students in MAE 4300 at 4:00.  In the event of rain, snow (this is Ithaca!) this will be postponed to the following Thursday, Sept. 17.

4.  Additional graduation-paperwork will be e-mailed, so please read your e-mails from Nanette.

5. The MAE Graduation Ceremony information for May 29, 2016,  will be posted soon on the MAE website.  Please note, there will be three tickets for guests awarded to each graduating student.

Enrolling in MAE 4900 and Senior Design MAE 4XX1

Go to 108 Upson Hall to get the paperwork needed to enroll.

To enroll for any independent research, MAE 4900, students will need to complete an Independent Research Project Approval Form, obtain a signature from the faculty advisor overseeing their work (not a PhD student), and bring the signed form to 108 Upson to obtain a permission number. They will then need to log onto Student Center and add the course to their schedule, using a permission number issued by Emily in 108 Upson.

For Seniors Only:

For Senior Design information: 

Go to 108 Upson Hall to get the paperwork needed to enroll.   All students enrolling for senior design, (independent research- MAE 4291),  including those enrolling in senior design version of regularly meeting courses, (e.g., MAE 4021, MAE 4701),  will need to complete the Senior Design Project Approval Form, obtain a signature from their instructor/supervising faculty member (not a PhD student), and bring the signed form to 108 Upson to obtain a permission number. They will then need to log onto Student Center and add the course to their schedule, using that permission number. Non-seniors may not enroll in senior design.


Senior Announcements

1.  If you applied to join MAE 4340 or MAE 4341, Innovative Product Design via Digital Manufacturing, and have not yet been notified of a decision, please e-mail Nanette at

2.  If you intend to graduate with your B.S. after the Fall term, you will be earning a January 2016 degree.

3.  Graduation Audits:  Nanette will be contacting students who anticipate graduating in 2016 to review graduation requirements. Details to follow…