MAE MEng Info Session – Monday May 18th at 5 PM

Interested in learning about MAE’s MEng Program?  The one year MEng degree is a great way to enhance your engineering skills or do a deep dive into a specialty area that interests you.  Focused on getting you the job you want after graduation the program is flexible, with each student’s goals used to create an individual program of courses.  All programs have a major project as a core of their experience.

MAE (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) will be holding a live Zoom info MEng Info Session on Monday May 18th.

There will be a short presentation about the program followed by a question and answer session.

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MAE MEng Info Session

Summer Opportunities

Several summer lab, research, and internship opportunities available. Please see below!

Two Summer Programs

The Life Changing Labs Summer Incubator Program is an 8-week program that enables founders and life changers to develop their company and consult with experts in fields ranging from legal corporations to branding and marketing. The companies engage in weekly programming sessions to practice and refine their pitches and have the opportunity to listen to influential speakers who come to share their know-how.  To get more information, please contact John Callister,

The Johnson Summer Startup Accelerator is a 10-week summer intensive that will continue the momentum for student startups finishing their spring semester. Supported by the numerous Cornell and Ithaca entrepreneurial resources, teams will participate in weekly workshops and regularly meet with Entrepreneurs in Residence. The Kadiyali Fund will support student participation in the summer Accelerator. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

To apply go to:


Remote Summer Research Opportunity in the Space Systems Design Studio

Project: CFD Simulation – ChipSat Atmospheric Entry in ANSYS Fluent

ChipSats, short for satellite-on-a-chip technology, are a revolutionary approach to space exploration. Thanks to the miniaturization of electronics in the smartphone era, our lab is able to pack all the essential components of a functioning spacecraft onto a single gram-scale circuit board. ChipSats have been successfully demonstrated in previous missions (see KickSat 2), but research is currently being done to increase their capability. My research centers on atmospheric entry. If ChipSats are able to survive and land back on earth, they could physically transport large amounts of data, bypassing the bottleneck of traditional radio communication. Just think about how much can be stored on a microSD card these days! Due to their low ballistic coefficient, it is hypothesized that ChipSats will not generate as much heat while slowing down in the atmosphere, and therefore maintain survivable temperatures.

I am looking for a student to help me model and simulate parts of this using ANSYS Fluent, a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software widely used in industry. Both the thermal issue and how far the ChipSats scatter when landing are dependent on a number of factors (aspect ratio, thickness, position of the center of mass). Tweaking these parameters can result in different modes of motion – tumbling, fluttering, spiralling – as the chips fall through the sky. By running batch simulations in which we vary one parameter, we can learn how these factors affect the modes of motion, which modes are most probable, and which will result in the greatest chance for survival -a key finding for future ChipSat design. Software can be accessed remotely via the Swanson Lab computers and collaboration will occur over screen sharing. Previous CFD experience is not required. If interested, please email me with your resume.

Contact: Joshua Umansky-Castro, Aerospace Engineering PhD Student <>
This would be for MAE 4900 Independent Research Credit for Fall 2020 after the completion of a final report.


ZT Group Summer Research Opportunities

We are looking for self-motivated undergraduate students to join our group. Computational programming skills are strong plus. CAD experience is required.

If interested, please send your CV (including GRE and TOFEL scores if you are international students) and transcript to Prof. Zhiting Tian at

This would be for MAE 4900 Independent Research Credit for Fall 2020 after the completion of a final report.


Carnegie Mellon Master’s Program Applications Open


We hope you are doing well during this time. We understand that some students’ plans may have changed due the COVID-19 pandemic. For our Fall 2020 Master’s programs, we are reopening our application from May 6 – June 15, on a rolling admission basis, to support those students considering graduate education. Students interested in applying for the Fall 2020 term of entry can learn more about our Master’s programs and application requirements here:

Melissa Brown
Manager of MS Programs | Mechanical Engineering | Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue, SH 407 | Pittsburgh, PA 15213 | 412-268-1562

Conversation with M.E. Alum, Dr. Joanna Hinks, TODAY, 4:30 pm

We have the pleasure of announcing Dr. Joanna Hinks, who will be available to engineering students at all levels to discuss Air Force Research Lab opportunities at the Space Vehicles Directorate in Albuquerque, NM.  

Dr. Hinks will hold an open conversation session TODAY, Thursday, September 6, 2018 at 4:30 pm in 106 Upson Hall.  She will also discuss potential careers for Ph.D. and M.S. students, as well as internships for undergraduates. 

She is a graduate of MAE, having earned her Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering in 2012.  Dr. Hinks held a postdoctoral position at the University of Buffalo for three years before joining the Air Force Research Lab.  Please stop by to learn about careers in, among other things, GPS, signals, and payloads. 

Additional information about the Kirtland Air Force Base is available at,

Pizza and Grad School Information Session Today

Are you thinking of applying to graduate school and want to know how/when/why?  Want to know what it is like to be a full-time graduate student?  Members of the Sibley School Graduate Program (SIGMA)  will hold a panel discussion to address everything you wanted to know about grad school on October 9 in Thurston 202, begins at 4:30.  Pizza and event sponsored by ASME.

NSF and NASA Funded Programs Info

For Undergraduates:

Paid Summer 2014 Undergrad Research Opportunities:

More than 650 programs – REU and other summer research opportunities for undergrads

 For Financial Support in Graduate School:

Bridge to the Doctorate, IGERT and NSF Grad Research Fellowship programs provide generous stipend and tuition support for students through the National Science Foundation.


For NASA-supported internships, fellowships and scholarships 

 Finally, here is a link to a flyer for you to post or distribute.

 We’d be happy to answer any questions you have and to provide your students with assistance in applying to these programs.

 Institute for Broadening Participation

Questions? Contact:


  Come to a special MechE Information Session for MechE Affiliated and Wannabe’s:

Monday, October 28, from 4:30-5:30pm in Phillips 101   

This Info Session will focus on how to design your curriculum.  The following faculty and staff will be presenting: 

  • Professor Wolfgang Sachse:  Opening Remarks
  • Professor Hod Lipson will talk about the value of research and how to prepare for graduate school.  He will be teaching MAE 2250 in the Spring.
  • Matt Ulinski, Director of MAE M.Eng., and Judy Thoroughman, administrator of the M.Eng. program, will provide information on MAE Early M.Eng. and M.Eng.    
  • Mark Savage, Director of Engineering Career Services, will talk about Co-op, resumes, Career Fair, and internships.
  • Nanette Peterson, MechE Undergraduate Coordinator, will show students various flow charts illustrating different paths to graduation, including Cornell Abroad, Co-op, Early M.Eng. etc.    

Tech in the City: Graduate school opportunities at Cornell Tech | Thursday, October 24 at 5 p.m. | Phillips 101


Info Session


Tech in the City: Graduate school opportunities at Cornell Tech | Thursday, October 24 at 5 p.m. | Philips 101


Join Cornell Tech Dean Dan Huttenlocher and Associate Dean Rajit Manohar to learn more about the M.Eng. in Computer Science and M.S. in Information Systems specializing in Connective Media. Think of Cornell Tech as an agile start-up built on a rock-solid foundation of academic excellence–an innovative environment where deep technical expertise and sharp business sense share seats at the table. Our programs blur the boundaries between industry and academics, combining rigorous classroom learning with frequent opportunities to interact with leading members of the tech community through practicums, cutting-edge start up and company projects, and studio sharing environments.