Wanted: Ushers and Recruiting Video for MAE Graduation Ceremony

Interested in serving as an usher for the May 24, 2015 MAE graduation ceremony in Bailey Hall?  Pay is $11.00 hour with catered lunch and MechE shirt.  If interested, contact np18@cornell.edu

Would you like to make a video to recruit ushers for the MAE Graduation Ceremony?  Entries will be posted in Sundial and distributed on other sites.  Please note the usher’s pay will be $11.00 an hour and the date needed is May 24, 2015.  Just send your video to np18@cornell.edu

Check-out this video made to recruit ushers for last year’s Bailey Hall ceremony:


Curiosity’s Mission to Mars Presentation by JPL on Thursday, 4:30 UPB17

Todd Barber is a JPL senior propulsion engineer, now working as lead propulsion engineer on the Cassini mission to Saturn following part-time work on the Mars Exploration Rover mission, Deep Impact mission, and the Mars Science Laboratory mission, which landed the large rover Curiosity on the red planet on August 5th, 2012.

On Thursday, November 13,  at 4:30pm,  he will be giving a lecture in Upson B17 called,  “Red Rover, Red Rover: Send Curiosity Right Over”.  Curiosity’s mission to Mars will be covered in detail, including the history of Mars Rovers at JPL, the scientific motivation for Curiosity, the preparation for launch, the early science results, and the pop-culture reaction.  Sponsored by AIAA

MAE Seminar:                   4:00 PM                in 205 Thurston Hall         Tuesday November 11th, 2014

Title:                                      Multi-Robot Coordination via Matching Algorithms

Speaker:                              Dylan Shell

Assistant Professor

Texas A&M University

Multi-Robot Coordination via Matching Algorithms

Dr. Shell describes his presentation:

In this talk I will describe recent research toward the goal of engineering multi-robot systems to form networks of efficient, cooperative, taskable agents. I shall consider variations of the multi-robot task allocation (assignment) problem, wherein one aims at finding the best matching between a set of robots and a set of tasks so that the team’s performance will be optimized. This assignment problem is one of the most popular formulations for optimizing the group synergy. I’ll describe new algorithms and results that show improvements in performance, scalability, and robustness for general-purpose coordinated mobile robot systems.

Graduating in 2015 with MechE (or IM with M.E.)?

First Class of MAE 4300, Wednesday, August 27, 12:20:

1)  Seniors will be presented with a brief workshop about audits, senior design, and what paperwork will be required to graduate, also, Q&A’s;  2) senior group photo @ 12:45 on steps of Duffield (facing west, Carpenter Hall).  Business casual attire ;  3) Pizza in Upson Lounge at 1:00.

If you intend to graduate in 2015, either January (after completing the Fall 2014 term), or in May, or August 2015, and you are not attending MAE 4300, you are invited to join your classmates for the workshop, group photo, and pizza.

Mark Savage, director of Engineering Career Services, will be joining us.


MechE New Affiliates and Seniors Invited to Breakfast in Upson Lounge on Thursday, Feb. 6 anytime from 8:00a.m. to 9:00am.

Attention MechE Seniors and New Affiliates:

If you’ve joined MechE in Fall 2013 or Spring 2014,  or if you are a MechE Senior,  you are invited to join Sibley faculty for  bagels/coffee/juice on Thursday, February 6, in Upson Lounge, anytime between 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.   Professors’ Mark Campbell, Director of the Sibley School and Wolfgang Sachse, Director of Undergraduate Studies, will be attending.  Several current MAE M.Eng. students will also be present.  Sponsored by the Cornell Chapter of the ASME.

Have you gotten an internship yet? Seniors, still need a job?


The Society of Women Engineers will be hosting the Spring 2014 Professional Networking Dinner the night before the career fair!

For MechE Men and Women


When: February 3rd, 2014

Where: Statler Ballroom

Cost: $13

How to Attend:

Tickets will be sold in Duffield Atrium as well as online!

Please see http://www.swe.cornell.edu/pnd_main.asp


What to Expect:

A full three course rotational dinner at the Statler Hotel

An opportunity to speak one-on-one with recruiters before the career fair

Business casual attire

For more information, please visit http://www.swe.cornell.edu/pnd_main.asp


or email cornellswe.pnd@gmail.com