Enrollment Information Fall 2015

Here is your enrollment date link and deadlines for the Fall.

FALL 15 Dates and deadlines

For those registering for MAE project teams and/or  independent research, including senior design research,  you will need to complete paperwork and a  pin number to electronically enroll.  Emily will be posting instructions on this blog soon and will include instructions for those students registering for Innovative Product Design, MAE 4340/4341.

Deadline Approaching for MAE 4340 /4341 Innovative Product Design via Digital Manufacturing

Deadline:  July 7  Application Details MAE-4340-4341-Application-for-Fall-2015-12w6s9a

MAE 4340 may be used to fulfill the M.E. Major Approved Elective requirement


MAE 4341 may be used to fulfill the M.E. Senior Design Requirement

MechE’s may not use one course to satisfy two requirements/electives in the MechE program.



MAE 2030, Dynamics, Not Offered Summer 2015

MAE 2030 has been cancelled for this summer.

If you were planning to take Dynamics during the 6-week Summer Session 2015 at Cornell:

You have a couple of  options:

  1. Take the course elsewhere. Have the course you wish to take pre-approved by Professor Savransky (ds264@cornell.edu). You can send him the syllabus from an accredited institution (community colleges, online courses, etc. are fine—just needs to be taken from an accredited institution—not from a for-profit such as University of Phoenix) from which you want to take the course and then complete the transfer paperwork:


  1. If you do not plan to take this course elsewhere this summer, and you are affiliated with MechE or plan to affiliate with MechE, you may take MAE 3230, Intro to Fluids in the Fall and then take MAE 2030 in the Spring, with  Professor Williamson’s permission (cw26@cornell.edu).  Let him know you will be taking MAE 3230 without the pre-req of Dynamics and he will advise you what extra work you will need to do to successfully pass MAE 3230. You will need to postpone taking MAE 3260 until the Spring of your senior year if you take MAE 2030 in the Spring of your junior year. You may not take MAE 2030 and MAE 3260 concurrently.

MAE 3250 Enrollment Fall 2015 – Need to add a discussion which is full?

If you are unable to enroll in a discussion for MAE 3250 because of a scheduling conflict with a requirement (e.g., Major Approved Elective – MAE 3050), please e-mail Nanette at np18@cornell.edu to let her know what is the course which conflicts with a full 3250 discussion section.  We should be able to open up enrollments in discussions upon approval.

How to Enroll in Graduate-Level Courses When You are an UG

When searching for a graduate level course in Student Center as an undergraduate student, you should go to the class search function in your Student Center. When prompted to enter the class search criteria, under course career, you should choose the “graduate” career from the dropdown menu to search for grad level classes.

If you are graduating with your B.S., this Spring, you will be unable to pre-enroll as a graduate student.  When electronic enrollment resumes in August, you will be eligible to pre-enroll in your graduate-level courses.

MAE Cross-listings with Upper-level CS Course Pre-Enrollment for Fall 2015

Pre-enrollment for Fall 2015  in upper-level CS courses is limited to CS Majors during Spring 2015 pre-enrollment.  This includes cross-listings such as MAE 4750/5750, Robotic Manipulation. There will be another opportunity to enroll when electronic add/drop resumes in August. This current restriction  is due to the large surge of CS affiliations over the past two years.



MAE 4340/4341 Innovative Product Design Enrollment Information for Fall 2015

Students interested in enrolling in MAE 4340 and the senior design version, MAE 4341 will be able to enroll when add/drop resumes in August.  There is an application process which will be announced by the end of April–the deadline for submitting your application will be mid-July.  Enrollment is limited–have a back-up plan.

New MAE Course Requirement for MAE 4340/4341 and MAE 4351

Please note B.S., M.E. requirement restrictions:

Mechanical Engineering students may not count BOTH MAE 4340 or MAE 4341 AND MAE 4351 towards fulfilling B.S. graduation requirements in Mechanical Engineering.

-MAE 4340 (Major Approved Elective)/4341 (Senior Design), Innovative Product Design via Digital Manufacturing, offered Fall

-MAE 4351, (Senior Design), Interdisciplinary Design Concepts, offered Spring

New Senior Design Course MAE 4351 Spring 2015

This course, co-meeting with MSE 4071 and ChemE 5730, will fulfill the M.E. Senior Design Requirement.  Limited to M.E. Seniors.  C0-taught by Callister, Feitelberg, and Murtagh.  Meets MW 7:30-8:45pm

M.E. students may not count both MAE 4351 and MAE 4340/MAE 4341, Innovative Product Design via Digital Mfg towards fulfilling B.S. graduation requirements in Mechanical Engineering.

This course emphasizes entrepreneurial driven technology designs (forward engineering) by integrating mechanical, chemical, and materials engineering through the understanding of early stage product development complexities. These complexities include staging invention and innovation via the critical selection of materials, assessing product mechanics and processes for final product function, performance, reliability, cost and technical marketability.

Students will attend lectures, participate in establishing a Tech Startup integrated into the Johnson School MBA mentoring program, attend startup design reviews, give a series of individual/group presentations, and write a startup issue paper.


Reminder – New Courses Spring 2015 and New Aero Course Fall 2015

MAE 4700/4701/5700 FEA Lab Addition Monday 12:20-1:10

Finite Element Analysis for Mechanical and Aerospace Design, MAE 4700 and 4701 will have a lab, Mondays, 12:20-1:10.   If you enrolled in the lecture, you will be added to the lab.  If you have already pre-enrolled in the MAE 4700 or 4701 lecture and have a scheduling conflict with the added lab and another pre-enrolled course, you will be notified by the Engineering Registrar’s office.