Monday Evening Lab for MAE 2250 Cancelled & Instructions for Trading MAE 2250 Labs

MAE 2250 Lab 406, which meets Mondays from 7:30-9:55pm will be cancelled.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Wednesdays from 7:30-9:55pm has openings.  After much consideration, we have taken this action due to our efforts to better balance lab enrollments.

For students who are unable to change their labs due to their preferred lab being full, you will find a Trading Labs sign-up sheet posted  on the bulletin board between 110 and 112 Upson Hall.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Sign-up  indicating your preferred lab and your current lab and your contact information.
  2. After you have made contact with the student who would like to have your lab and you want their lab, agree to meet in Nanette Peterson’s office in 103 RH.
  3. Follow additional instructions on the trading labs form, trading labs form MAE 2250

If You Are Enrolled in Senior Design–All MAE Courses 4XX1 for Fall 2015

Senior Design Content Form To Be Submitted prior to Winter Break or before you leave Campus in December.

If you are taking a course with a senior design component, consult your instructor for the deadline for submitting your report.  If you are enrolled in MAE 4291, independent research or project team with a senior design report due, the deadline will be December 14 or to be determined by your research/project team advisor.

Senior Design Content Summary Form: 
Every student who is fulfilling their senior design requirement is also required to submit a Design Report Content Summary Form with their Senior Design report. The Content Summary Form lists 9 questions, which you must answer and attach to the form. Submit this form and your answers, along with your design report, to your faculty project advisor. Your faculty project advisor will review your answers and sign the Content Summary Form with their approval. Submit your answers to the 9 questions along with the signed Content Summary form to Emily in 104 Upson Hall.

Instructions for Submission of Design Report:

  • Senior Design Report: Submit to your senior design instructor. The MAE office does not need a copy of your report.
  • Senior Design Content Summary Form: Compose responses to the nine questions on the content summary form and attach them to the form. Submit the content summary form with the responses, to your design instructor for his/her review and signature. After the instructor’s signature has been obtained, submit the form, with your responses to the questions below, to Emily Tompkins, in 104 Upson Hall.

*Submission of your Senior Design Report Content Summary Form is required for graduation and should be submitted before you leave campus or break.

*If your instructor is not on campus, you may send your form and the answers to your questions via email and request email approval. Please ensure that Emily (eft24) is cc’d.

Questions:  ask Emily (



Revised Tentative Course Offerings by MAE for Spring 2016

We will begin updating MAE course offerings soon for Spring.   Please note the courses currently appearing in Student Center are rolled-over from Spring 2015, and are not accurate.

For a tentative list (Updated September 26, 2015):   Spring 16 Tentative Teaching Assignments Posting for Blog as of 9-26-15

This list includes courses offered by MAE (in red).  Also see other Majors offering courses which are cross-listed in MAE (in black).


Enrolling in MAE 4900 and Senior Design MAE 4XX1

Go to 108 Upson Hall to get the paperwork needed to enroll.

To enroll for any independent research, MAE 4900, students will need to complete an Independent Research Project Approval Form, obtain a signature from the faculty advisor overseeing their work (not a PhD student), and bring the signed form to 108 Upson to obtain a permission number. They will then need to log onto Student Center and add the course to their schedule, using a permission number issued by Emily in 108 Upson.

For Seniors Only:

For Senior Design information: 

Go to 108 Upson Hall to get the paperwork needed to enroll.   All students enrolling for senior design, (independent research- MAE 4291),  including those enrolling in senior design version of regularly meeting courses, (e.g., MAE 4021, MAE 4701),  will need to complete the Senior Design Project Approval Form, obtain a signature from their instructor/supervising faculty member (not a PhD student), and bring the signed form to 108 Upson to obtain a permission number. They will then need to log onto Student Center and add the course to their schedule, using that permission number. Non-seniors may not enroll in senior design.


Enrollment Information Fall 2015

Here is your enrollment date link and deadlines for the Fall.

FALL 15 Dates and deadlines

For those registering for MAE project teams and/or  independent research, including senior design research,  you will need to complete paperwork and a  pin number to electronically enroll.  Emily will be posting instructions on this blog soon and will include instructions for those students registering for Innovative Product Design, MAE 4340/4341.