Pliant Energy Systems LLC
63 Flushing Ave, Blg.280, Ste.614, Brooklyn, NY
July 30.2019
Mechanical/Design Engineer for Prototyping, Testing, and Product Development
We seek a mechanical or mechatronics engineer to join our team designing, fabricating, and testing
underwater robotic and hydrokinetic power technologies.
Your first project will be the development of Pliant’s highly novel, US Dept. of Energy‐funded
hydrokinetic energy harnessing device for irrigation/drinking water filtration in developing regions of the
Later this year you will be involved in the continuing development of Pliant’s Office of Naval Researchfunded
underwater/amphibious robot, and other upcoming robotic/mechatronic projects.
This position is an opportunity to work on cutting‐edge soft machines and to be part of the fast‐growing
hardware‐focused tech community at NewLab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
About you:
 Bachelor’s or master’s degree in mechanical engineering, mechatronics, or similar, with at least
3 years’ experience designing and prototyping complex functional machines.
 Excellent 3D CAD/CAM skills, especially SolidWorks.
 Significant general fabrication and rapid prototyping experience including 3D printing, CNC
routing, and similar.
 Experience in test engineering or lab work in the experimental physical sciences is a plus.
 Experience analyzing and reporting data from physical testing is a plus.
 Ocean/marine engineering experience is a plus.
 Must be US citizen or Green Card holder (due to US Govt. contract restrictions).
Start date: Immediate.
Please email a brief introduction with resume to:

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