Job Opportunity at Spect

Cornell alum-founded company, Spect, is offering a mechanical engineering position for current Cornell students in Fall 2018.

You will be working in a cross-functional team with students from Cornell and other universities to build a virtual reality mindfulness meditation platform for K12 education. The VR headset incorporates biosensors for various software applications including biofeedback visualization in the virtual environment and adapting the guiding mindfulness lesson audio in real-time based on user’s emotional responses. Our team went through the Rev Hardware Accelerator in Summer 2018 and finished the initial prototype. We will be doing user testing in local schools in Fall 2018 while working to improve the platform for a district pilot in Spring 2019.
Your responsibilities will encompass improving the mechanical design of the VR headset.

Preferred Qualifications

• Lead Mechanical Engineering activities in cross-functional team environment.
• Model, build, test, and refine prototypes (rapid prototyping)
• Take prototypes to increasing levels of fidelity, and work with the product focused engineers to translate early prototypes into potential product directions
• Prior experience designing in CAD / Fusion 360
• Experience in various manufacturing techniques (Machining, 3D printing, injection molding, etc.).
• Experience designing mechanical constraints of PCBs

Interested students should send their resume to Deanna at

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