Business (and others) Minor Fulfilling M.E. Requirements

You may double-count minors to fulfill Liberal Studies, Advisor Approved Electives (if approved by your advisor), and, if the course has technical content (no business, econ or management courses with the exception of MAE 4610), a Technical Elective.

What fulfills Liberal Studies Requirements:

-You may check the Courses of Study course descriptions to see if a liberal studies category is listed.  For example, you will see for ECON 1110, (SBA) is listed after the title:  ECON 1110 – Introductory Microeconomics (SBA-AS)

-You may check this site for updated approved and denied liberal studies:

-You need at least 6 classes to total 18 credits in at least three different categories–see link above.  If you are, for example in Orchestra for 1-credit over 5 semesters, you may use all five credits towards meeting the liberal studies 18-credits requirement.

What fulfills a Technical Elective Requirement?

10) Technical Elective: A Technical Elective may include many courses at an appropriate level, chosen from Engineering (2000+), Mathematics (2940+), or Science [Physics (2214+), Chemistry (2090+), or Biological Sciences.  Most 2000+ technical-level courses in Engineering will be accepted (note: Engineering economic, business, management, financial or organization courses, e.g., CEE 3230, will NOT be accepted, with the exception of MAE 4610).  The following 1000-level courses in biology are accepted: BIOG 1440; BIOG 1445; BIOMG 1350; BIO EE 1610, and BIOSM 1610.  In addition, credit for advanced placement biology, and technical courses at the 2000+ level in biological sciences are accepted. Please contact the M.E.  undergraduate program office in to verify eligibility of specific courses. Advisors may approve non-technical Engineering elective-eligible courses as Advisor Approved Electives, e.g.,  CEE 3230, various ORIE courses, and other Engineering management courses. MAE 4980, Teaching Experience in Mechanical Engineering, and BSOC courses may satisfy Advisor Approved Electives, however, these will not fulfill the Technical Elective requirement. No form is required for the technical elective.


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