How to Transfer Courses Taken at Another Institution This Summer (or during Winter Break) (repost)

You are strongly encouraged to seek pre-approval for any courses taken elsewhere.  Only courses taken at Cornell are included in your g.p.a.

1. Liberal Studies courses are fairly easy to transfer from an accredited institution (including community colleges and online courses).  Courses which reflect similar topics of the College’s designated liberal studies courses (exact equivalent content is not necessary) are typically approved.

Consult for updated approved and denied liberal studies courses:

When you have found a similar topic you would like to take and transfer, for example, a history or economics course, follow these instructions when completing the transfer application form:

Attach a copy of the description of the course you wish to get pre-approved and submit this form to 158 Olin Hall.

2. For  Physics courses,  consult:

3. For Math courses, consult:

4. Any questions concerning transfer courses, see Nanette in 104 Upson Hall.

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