To: MechE seniors enrolled in MAE 4291 as independent research or project team, or MAE 4231, 4641, 4701, or 4861:

Pictorial Representation of Design Report Submission

Senior Design Report Content Summary Form

Instructions for Submission of Design Report:

  • Senior Design Report: Submit to your senior design instructor.
  • Senior Design Report Content Summary Form: Compose responses to the nine questions on the content summary form and attach them it. Submit this form with the responses, to your design instructor for his/her review and signature. After the instructor’s signature has been obtained, submit the content summary  form, with your responses, to Emily Tompkins, in 108 Upson Hall.
  • If the instructor is unavailable to sign (ex. traveling) you may send your responses to the 9 questions as an email attachment and ask them to approve via email. Please forward the approval email to Emily, at, or cc Emily on the initial email.
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