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Tag Archives: instrumentation: adaptive optics

New article: Characterizing 51 Eri b from 1 to 5 mu m: A Partly Cloudy Exoplanet

Article:  Rajan, A; Rameau, J; De Rosa, RJ; Marley, MS; Graham, JR; Macintosh, B; Marois, C; Morley, C; Patience, J; Pueyo, L; Saumon, D; Ward-Duong, K; Ammons, SM; Arriaga, P; Bailey, VP; Barman, T; ...
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New article: Improving and Assessing Planet Sensitivity of the GPI Exoplanet Survey with a Forward Model Matched Filter

Article:  Ruffio, JB; Macintosh, B; Wang, JJ; Pueyo, L; Nielsen, EL; De Rosa, RJ; Czekala, I; Marley, MS; Arriaga, P; Bailey, VP; Barman, T; Bulger, J; Chilcote, J; Cotten, T; Doyon, R; Duchene, G; ...
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New article: Polarimetry with The Gemini Planet Imager: Methods, Performance, at First Light, and The Circumstellar Ring Around HR 4796A

Article:  Perrin, MD; Duchene, G; Millar-Blanchaer, M; Fitzgerald, MP; Graham, JR; Wiktorowicz, SJ; Kalas, PG; Macintosh, B; Bauman, B; Cardwell, A; Chilcote, J; De Rosa, RJ; Dillon, D; Doyon, R; Dunn, J; Erikson, D; ...
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New article: Gemini Planet Imager Spectroscopy of the HR 8799 Planets c and d

Article:  Ingraham P, Marley MS, Saumon D, Marois C, Macintosh B, Barman T, Bauman B, Burrows A, Chilcote JK, De Rosa RJ, Dillon D, Doyon R, Dunn J, Erikson D, Fitzgerald MP, Gavel D, ...
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