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Tag Archives: fluidic artificial muscle

New article: Reconsidering the McKibben Muscle: Energetics, operating fluid, and bladder material

Article:  Meller MA, Bryant M, Garcia E; (2014)  “Reconsidering the McKibben Muscle:  Energetics, operating fluid, and bladder material”, Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 25 (18): 2276-2293 DOI Abstract:  In spite of extensive ...
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New article: Variable Recruitment Fluidic Artificial Muscles: Modeling and Experiments

Article:  Bryant M, Meller MA, Garcia E; (2014)  Variable Recruitment Fluidic Artificial Muscles:  Modeling and Experiments, Smart Materials and Structures, 23(7) DOI Abstract:  We investigate taking advantage of the lightweight, compliant nature of fluidic ...
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