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New article: Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Combustion: Scientific Challenges

Article:  Ren ZY, Lu Z, Hou LY, Lu LY; (2014)  Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Combustion:  Scientific Challenges, Science China-Physics Mechanics & Astronomy, 57(8):1495-1503 DOI Abstract:  Predictive simulation of engine combustion is key to understanding ...
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New article: Simulations of a Turbulent Non-premixed Flame using Combined Dimension Reduction and Tabulation for Combustion Chemistry

Article: Ren ZY, Goldin GM, Hiremath V and Pope SB (2013). “Simulations of a turbulent non-premixed flame using combined dimension reduction and tabulation for combustion chemistry.” Fuel 105: 636-644. DOI Abstract: The use of ...
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New article: A Novel Transient Turbulent Jet Flame for Studying Turbulent Combustion

Article: Wang HF, Juddoo M, Starner SH, Masri AR and Pope SB (2013). “A novel transient turbulent jet flame for studying turbulent combustion.” Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 34: 1251-1259. DOI Abstract: This paper ...
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