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Tag Archives: astrometry

New article: Dynamical Constraints on the HR 8799 Planets with GPI

Article: Wang, JJ; Graham, JR; Dawson, R; Fabrycky, D; De Rosa, RJ; Pueyo, L; Konopacky, Q; Macintosh, B; Marois, C; Chiang, E; Ammons, SM; Arriaga, P; Bailey, VP; Barman, T; Bulger, J; Chilcote, J; Cotten, ...
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New article: Evidence That the Directly Imaged Planet HD 131399 Ab Is a Background Star

Article:  Nielsen, EL; De Rosa, RJ; Rameau, J; Wang, JJ; Esposito, TM; Millar-Blanchaer, MA; Marois, C; Vigan, A; Ammons, SM; Artigau, E; Bailey, VP; Blunt, S; Bulger, J; Chilcote, J; Cotten, T; Doyon, R; ...
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