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New article: Precision Nutrition – Review of Methods for Point-of-Care Assessment of Nutritional Status

Article:  Srinivasan, B; Lee, S; Erickson, D; Mehta, S; “Precision Nutrition – Review of Methods for Point-of-Care Assessment of Nutritional Status”, Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 44:103-108


Abstract:  Precision nutrition encompasses prevention and treatment strategies for optimizing health that consider individual variability in diet, lifestyle, environment and genes by accurately determining an individual’s nutritional status. This is particularly important as malnutrition now affects a third of the global population, with most of those affected or their care providers having limited means of determining their nutritional status. Similarly, program implementers often have no way of determining the impact or success of their interventions, thus hindering their scale-up. Exciting new developments in the area of point-of-care diagnostics promise to provide improved access to nutritional status assessment, as a first step towards enabling precision nutrition and tailored interventions at both the individual and community levels. In this review, we focus on the current advances in developing portable diagnostics for assessment of nutritional status at point-of-care, along with the numerous design challenges in this process and potential solutions.

Funding Acknowledgement:  National Science Foundation Micronutrient Initiative; Thrasher Research Fund

Funding Text:  This work was supported in part by the National Science Foundation Micronutrient Initiative and Thrasher Research Fund.

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