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New article: A Rotation/Curvature Correction for Turbulence Models for Applied CFD

Article:  Arolla SK, Durbin PA (2014)  “A Rotation/Curvature Correction for Turbulence Models for Applied CFD”, Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics, 14 (6): 341-351

Abstract:  Scalar eddy viscosity models are the workhorses of industrial CFD. But they are insensitive to the effects of frame rotation and streamline curvature. To enhance the utility of these models in the design process, it is necessary to sensitise them with a rotation/curvature correction.

In this paper, we present a unified model for rotation/curvature effects and discuss its applicability for two practically relevant flow configurations. Mean flow characteristics obtained through RANS computations are compared with LES data or experiments. The improvements obtained in using the rotation/curvature correction are highlighted.

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