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New article: A Micropillar Array for Sample Concentration via in-plane Evaporation

Article:  Choi JW, Hashemi SMH, Erickson D, Psaltis D; (2014)  “A Micropillar Array for Sample Concentration via in-plane Evaporation”, Biomicrofluidics, 8 (4): A1526-A1537


Abstract:  We present a method to perform sample concentration within a lab-on-a-chip using a microfluidic structure which controls the liquid-gas interface through a micropillar array fabricated in polydimethylsiloxane between microfluidic channels. The microstructure confines the liquid flow and a thermal gradient is used to drive evaporation at the liquid-gas-interface. The evaporation occurs in-plane to the microfluidic device, allowing for precise control of the ambient environment. This method is demonstrated with a sample containing 1 mu m, 100 nm fluorescent beads and SYTO-9 labelled Escherichia coli bacteria. Over 100 s, the fluorescent beads and bacteria are concentrated by a factor of 10. (C) 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.

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