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New article: Microfluidic Immunocapture of Circulating Pancreatic Cells using Parallel EpCSM and MUC1 Capture: characterization and downstream analysis

Article: Thege FI, Lannin TB, Saha TN, Tsai S, Kochman ML, Hollingsworth MA, Rhim AD, Kirby BJ; (2014) Microfluidic Immunocapture of Circulating Pancreatic Cells using Parallel EpCSM and MUC1 Capture:  characterization and downstream analysis.  Lab on a chip, 14(10):1775-1784


Abstract:  We have developed and optimized a microfluidic device platform for the capture and analysis of circulating pancreatic cells (CPCs) and pancreatic circulating tumor cells (CTCs). Our platform uses parallel anti-EpCAM and cancer-specific mucin 1 (MUC1) immunocapture in a silicon microdevice. Using a combination of anti-EpCAM and anti-MUC1 capture in a single device, we are able to achieve efficient capture while extending immunocapture beyond single marker recognition. We also have detected a known oncogenic KRAS mutation in cells spiked in whole blood using immunocapture, RNA extraction, RT-PCR and Sanger sequencing. To allow for downstream single-cell genetic analysis, intact nuclei were released from captured cells by using targeted membrane lysis. We have developed a staining protocol for clinical samples, including standard CTC markers; DAPI, cytokeratin (CK) and CD45, and a novel marker of carcinogenesis in CPCs, mucin 4 (MUC4). We have also demonstrated a semi-automated approach to image analysis and CPC identification, suitable for clinical hypothesis generation. Initial results from immunocapture of a clinical pancreatic cancer patient sample show that parallel capture may capture more of the heterogeneity of the CPC population. With this platform, we aim to develop a diagnostic biomarker for early pancreatic carcinogenesis and patient risk stratification.

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